Radiant Black #1 by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa Tops 70,000 Orders

It seems Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa have a high impact vision for the future of Radiant Black and I'm told from a source inside Image that that vision is coming into sharp focus for them already. Word on the street is that Radiant Black #1 orders broke 70K at FOC and it may even be tapped out at Diamond before hitting shelves.

There's a bit of a whisper campaign amongst the speculators on this one, too. Nevermind the impressive covers the team's stacked their deck with (did you catch that nod to the Power Rangers helmet covers with the unveiled Montes variant?), or the early rumours of being sold out, I'm told there may also be some key character appearances in the next couple issues that'll make this #1 especially collectable… And that perhaps more will be revealed very soon on where Radiant Black is taking us… And I've become privy to a soon-to-launch newsletter from Higgins whereupon we'll likely to discover even more of what's up their sleeves.

Radiant Black #1 by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa Tops 70,000 Orders
Radiant Black #1

But what else could take this comic book launch to the next level? A little Spotify playlist peddled by the creators?  Radiant Black seems to have already outdone it on that front too with the original score produced by LA local band Crisis Couture and featured in the trailer…

And I'm hearing that Sam Ewing, a music composer on The Walking Dead TV show, is supposedly working on something specifically for the comic book too…

Radiant Black #1 by Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa Tops 70,000 Orders
Radiant Black #1

Still, the book's not even out yet and they keep hitting us with the stunts for this one: Higgins seems to have out-Hickman'd Hickman with a unique language of his own construction and special characters sprinkled throughout his teasers and artwork. Has anyone cracked how to read it yet or what the Radiant is trying to tell us? I've learned too that on his Radiant Black website I can click on the footer to see all the headers' characters switch back and forth between the Radiant language symbols. Well okay, then. Next someone at Image is going to be telling me to refresh my DuoLingo app to receive my News & Rumors tips in code…

But to top it all off, Radiant Black may have outdone DC's infamous bat-release stunt with their carefully orchestrated black hole disappearance. The celestial anomaly was picked up by astronomers surveying the sky for proof of an interconnected Image superhero universe. The black hole activity was reported the moment FOC on the series opened up for retailers.

radiant black
New York Post

I'm a little worried about what Image might do to grab our attention for Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Geiger

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