Civil War II For FCBD2016 – A Tale Of Two Decades



The Marvel Civil War II FCBD title contains two very different stories. One, a prelude into the big Marvel summer event movie tie-in series written by Brian Bendis, Civil War II. The other introduces the new Wasp. And they are decades apart.

The first is a Bendis book. If you like Bendis books, you will like this. If you do not like Bendis books, you won't.

I happen to like Bendis books. So when you have dialogue bouncing back and force squeezing exposition in among the repeated dialogue, I'm more than happy. It's basically the modern Claremont.04 While the much mocked scene where Captain Marvel accosts Thanos with…06 …that just smacked totally of Carol acting in a ridiculously procedural fashion, to make the point to Thanos, and to the others, that this is just another day in the office.

And then it gets very Avengers Dissassembled. All I can say, NeoGaf forums? You were right. At least as much as can be attested to – they clearly changed the name of Homer to Ulysses in the FCBD comic after that leak, and they have had more time to rewrite Civil War II #0 and #1 – and the name change indicates they may be wanting to do that. But the big deaths were drawn and integral…. and they play out big time. Jim Cheung really brings the emotion home…

And then there's the Wasp. The new Wasp. Introduced for the All-New All-Different Avengers. But instead we get an All-Old-Weren't-The-Seventies-Great revamp instead. With Alan Davis doing his very best Jack Kirby tech. Hey he even gives her a Mother Box…

16Okay, close, Because, yes, this is a Jack Kirby from the seventies rather than the sixties. It's Marvel doing New Gods.

But there's still Cold War tension. We meet a new Wasp, one obsessed with Hank Pym, and on his death about taking his place. She's Russian, and she has plans, one that she is sharing with us, courtesy of Mark Waid, but there's a twist.20 Of course there is. But for now, have you ever seen anyone look quite so Kirbyesque in recent years?

Civil War II FCBD is published on May 7th, Free Comic Book Day from Marvel Comics.

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