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J. Scott Campbell Superior Spider-Man Cover Up For Auction
One secret, though, is that his art can be had for a song if they do NOT feature a woman, like this Superior Spider-Man #22 cover, up for auction at Heritage Auctions right now, part of Dallas Auction #7236 This cover, featuring Spidey taking on Venom, is a great J Scott Campbell piece It is[...]
Superior Spider-Man #11 [Preview]
Superior Spider-Man #11 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, by Christos Gage, Mike Hawthorne, Wade von Grawbadger, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles It's the penultimate issue of this series, and we've got a preview below. Last issue: Otto got his ass kicked. And now, this alternate universe Norman Osborne is running wild in Otto's city. Oh[...]
Marvel Solicit Covers... temp
And Star Wars, it seems, is explicitly solicited as the final issue that month. Add one more missing title to the list: Superior Spider-Man, the last solicited issue of which will hit stores on October 30th. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #12 AUG190949 (W) Christos Gage (A/CA) Mike Hawthorne • Otto Octavius has faced certain death and emerged the victor – it just meant[...]
Superior Spider-Man #10 [Preview]
But this is a different Spider-Man, the Doctor Octopus one, in Superior Spider-Man #10, out next week from Marvel Comics from the creative team of Christos Gage and Mike Hawthorne. Get caught up with a recap page… And then we find Otto, swinging through the streets of San Francisco with his new girlfriend. Who seems to be mostly[...]
Superior Spider-Man #9: With Great Power Comes Great Moodiness [Preview]
But for the Superior Spider-Man, who just happens to be Doctor Octopus in a clone body, that responsibility is too great if it involves receiving the key to the city of San Francisco from the city's mayor. What's eating Otto? It seems that, despite getting everything he seemed to want, the Doctor is just not happy[...]
Superior Spider-Man #7 Preview
Superior Spider-Man #7 hits stores next Wednesday, tying in with the War of the Realms super-mega-crossover event In the story, Superior Spider-Man is defending San Francisco against the invasion, having successfully evacuated the citizens… well, the regular ones, at least The Google employes presumably got to escape on private busses Now, it's up to Doc[...]
Doctor Octopus Gets Woke in This Superior Spider-Man #5 Preview
The whole concept of the Superior Spider-Man — Doctor Octopus masquerading as Spider-Man, originally in the body of Peter Parker — lends itself easy to controversy With Doc Ock engaging in romantic relationships, including one at first with Mary Jane Watson before he had second thoughts, and later with Anna Maria Marconi, while pretending to[...]
How the West Coast Avengers Will Survive Their Cancellation in June
As revealed in Marvel's June solicitations, the West Coast Avengers will guest-star in at least two upcoming issues of Superior Spider-Man, part of a tie-in for the War of the Realms super-mega-crossover event. Is Quentin Quite and Otto Octavius the BFF partnership you never knew you desperately needed? Find out when Superior Spider-Man #7 and #8[...]
Thanks, Continuity Bot! Next Week's Superior Spider-Man #2
Next week in the ongoing saga of Spider-people, the Superior Spider-Man — who is actually Doctor Octopus, in case you didn't know (it's hard to keep track of all the Spider-people) — battles Darseid… or is it Terrax? We barely glance at these things In any case, Terrax is totally wrecking San Francisco, and the[...]
Into the Stilt-Verse: Stilt-Man Has a Terrifying Plan in Next Week's Superior Spider-Man #1
Superior Spider-Man relaunches next week as the nostalgia cycle gets increasingly smaller and we are now feeling nostalgic for rehashes from… *checks notes* 2013 era Dan Slott But as if the ever-encroaching nostalgia time paradox isn't frightening enough, next week's Superior Spider-Man #1 offers another glimpse at a potentially catastrophic future. One that features a clone[...]
Funko Superior Spider-Man And Other Exclusives Coming To Walgreens And Hot Topic
A new wave of Marvel Funko exclusives will be hitting Hot Topic and Walgreens this June/July, and at least one of them is a much-requested figure: Funko Superior Spider-Man. Some additional details: Hot Topic will be getting an exclusive blue version of Venom This is a straight repaint of the black Venom figure, right down to the[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Dan Vs. Ami
Or, rather, what she had read about them on Wikipedia. I just read the entire wiki summaries of Superior Spider-Man & The Spiderverse (thus far)… W T F. — Ami Angelwings (@ami_angelwings) January 29, 2015 And there are Spider gods now? And Spider destiny? And Spider holy trinities? — Ami Angelwings (@ami_angelwings) January 29, 2015 .@taitaisanchez but there's brutal[...]
Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 22nd September 2014 – The Futures End That Could
And it was matched on the chart by Avengers… the crossover was a ridiculous idea but people seem to be reacting to both books in a similar fashion… Justice League: Futures End #1 Superior Spider-Man #33 Batman Eternal #24 Multiversity Super-Heroes #1 Avengers #35 Batman & Robin: Futures End #1 All-New X-Men #32 Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 Uncanny X-Men #26  Uncanny Avengers #24 Thanks to the[...]