A Comic Show – Chrononauts Fixed June's Batgirl Cover!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm back after a week off due to delayed shipments. This video starts with last week's Howard The Duck and Bill and Ted, because I enjoyed them both immensely.

Image had several first issues, Chrononauts being the biggest. It's a Mark Millar time travel series that's kinda of like what if Bill and Ted built their time machine. It's a very promising start with timey shenanigans and a Blue Beetle and Booster Gold type bromance at it's heart. Red One is what if a Russian spy posed as an American Super Hero. Invisible Republic's a dystopian political sci-fi. Manhattan Projects new #1 finally gives us more Yuri and Laika! And Outcast #7 is the first issue after volume one.

The only Marvel books I talk about all feature strong female protagonists: Princess Leia, Squirrel Girl, and Silk. (And I can't help but talk about Spider-Gwen).

Superman #39 was a touching single issue story about Clark and Jimmy, and a depowered Superman. Then there's the crazy Batgirl #40 with Babs vs Oracle and a Purple Rain variant cover. We also got Batgirl Endgame by the Batgirl of Burnside creative team. And I weigh in on the #changethecover controversy!

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