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Bill & Ted Get Animated Once Again with New Incendium Figures

Bill & Ted Get Animated Once Again with New Incendium Figures

Incendium has opened up preorders for their newest Bill and Ted figures These figures I’ll be based on the second installment of their movie with Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Both Bill S Preston Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan are back and will be 5 inches They will also have roughly 12 points of articulation[...]

Bill and Ted's New Journey Includes Advertising For Walmart

Bill and Ted's New Journey Includes Advertising For Walmart

Bill and Ted are making a most bodacious return to theaters this year One of the byproducts of that are media tie-ins and such that are just unfortunately part of franchise movie-making more than ever One would hope they would avoid this type of thing as much as possible for Bill and Ted, even though[...]

“Star Wars”: Why There’s No Comparing the Byproducts of Generations [OPINON]

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" New Retro Summer Poster with Not-TARDIS

After all, the Doctor in all his/her shapeshifting glory never took the hiatus Bill and Ted did.With production recently wrapping, it won’t be long before an actual trailer pops up Galaxy Quest’s Dean Parisot directs the third entry of the Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon franchise Principle stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprise their[...]

“Star Wars”: Why There’s No Comparing the Byproducts of Generations [OPINON]

"Bill & Ted 3": Most Excellent First Images from "Face the Music"

The last time we saw the Wyld Stallyns together was in 1991's Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Now 28 years later, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return to their signature roles. Orion Pictures shared with Entertainment Weekly their first look at their long-awaited third film in the franchise, Bill & Ted Face the Music. Directed […]

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” Adds Beck Bennett, Jayma Mays, Erinn Hayes, Returning Favorites

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" Casts Wounded Warriors as Extras

Preston, Esq) and Keanu Reeves (Ted “Theodore” Logan) as they go through middle age and one last adventure, presumably. A visitor from the future tells best friends Bill and Ted that one of their songs can save life as we know it and bring harmony to the universe. Co-written by co-creator Chris Matheson and directed by Dean[...]

Return to the past with New Bill and Ted Figures

Return to the Past with New Bill and Ted Figures

Bill and Ted are back at it again but instead of teleporting to the past, they are teleporting to your shelves! Sideshow and Blitzway are doing it again dudes, and this time bring us a sixth scale Bill and Ted figures Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is another cult classic starring the famous Keanu Reeves[...]

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” Adds Beck Bennett, Jayma Mays, Erinn Hayes, Returning Favorites

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" Adds Beck Bennett, Jayma Mays, Erinn Hayes, Returning Favorites

will reprise their roles as Missy and Ted’s father, police chief Chet Logan, respectively.The five join William Sadler reprising his role as Death, Samara Weaving as Thea Preston (daughter of Bill), Brigette Lundy-Paine as Billie Logan (daughter of Ted), Grammy winner Scott Mescudi (“Kid Cudi”), and Anthony Carrigan.[caption id="attachment_1052827" align="aligncenter" width="600"] //Ed Solomon via Twitter[/caption]Bill[...]

‘Bill & Ted 3’ Casts Their “Most Excellent” Daughters

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" Casts Their Most Excellent Daughters

We are so thrilled to have this funny and unique pair join the Bill and Ted team! George Carlin’s passing in 2008, Rufus, Bill and Ted’s guide and mentor, won’t be recast according to Winter But the film will pay tribute to Carlin William Sadler, who plays Death in Bogus Journey, will reprise his role.Reeves[...]

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Streets of Fire and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Steelbooks Coming From Shout Factory

Walter Hill's cult favorite Streets of Fire and the most bodacious sequel of all-time Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey are coming home on November 20 Streets of Fire is a two-disc set, featuring a new 2k scan, and a plethora of special features, including two feature-length documentaries, behind the scenes featurettes, music videos, and more.Bogus[...]

Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves ARE Returning as Bill & Ted for 3rd Film

for a third Bill & Ted film.[caption id="attachment_843885" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Alex Winter and Keanu ReevesPhoto by Peggy Sirota for Entertainment Weekly[/caption]Deadline writes that Bloom, the company handling international sales of Bill and Ted Face the Music, has been shopping the threequel around MGM still holds the rights, and Orion Pictures (I love that they're still around) will[...]

Mondo Bill and ted Excellent Adventure Vinyl Package

Mondo Music Release of the Week: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

This week sees one of the coolest releases they have ever done, and one I personally have always wanted them to do: the soundtrack to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure![gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="822445,822446"] Dudes and Dudettes! Hot off the incredible Entertainment Weekly profile on BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC (the forthcoming sequel), this week we have a totally[...]

Exclusive Preview Of Bill And Ted Saving The Universe…

Monday sees the Final Order Cut-Off date for retailers ordering the first issue of Bill & Ted Save The Universe by Brian Joines and Bachan out on June 21st.The Wyld Stallyns are back, and this time they’re traveling across the whole universe! Bill and Ted have been kidnapped by a bodacious alien and are[...]

Bill And Ted Go To Arizona. Or Hell. Face It, They Are As Hot As Each Other.

I know it's customary for a retailer to partner with a publisher on exclusive variants on first issues of hot new comics (Star Wars or Power Rangers, anyone?), but occasionally a shop goes all in for a program that sees covers for all issues of a limited series. r Jesse James Comics in Arizona and Exceed […]

Your Loot Crate Unboxed For October 2015 – It's About Time (SPOILERS)

There was no exclusive comic for Bill & Ted, Doctor Who or Back To The Future for the Time October Loot Crate – despite all of them currently publishing series… but there is a Funko Pop, a T-shirt and… well, something exclusive for Doctor Who that no one saw coming. That's right, a Sonic Spork. […]

So, Apparently Doctor Who Ripped Off Bill & Ted And Not The Other Way Around

A time-travelling phone booth?Excellent! Although some folk did think that this...Owed a little to this...But this weeks Bill And Ted's Most Triumphant Return comic set's the record straight The first appearance of the TARDIS in 1963 was stolen from the first appearance of the Bill And Ted phone booth in 1989 Because.. time travel.That's right, folks,[...]

A Comic Show – Chrononauts Fixed June's Batgirl Cover!

This video starts with last week's Howard The Duck and Bill and Ted, because I enjoyed them both immensely.Image had several first issues, Chrononauts being the biggest It's a Mark Millar time travel series that's kinda of like what if Bill and Ted built their time machine It's a very promising start with timey shenanigans[...]

Swipe File: Doctor Who And Bill & Ted

I've never watched the new series (although it looks rather cool) but I'm a Bill and Ted fan more so And this is the T-shirt sold by Ummee by Gary BroadAnd this is what Gary says about creating it. It’s a crossover of two of the best time traveling based show and films[...]

Gay Stereotype Superman Dooms Bill And Ted's Hallowe'en Show

His new voice sounds like a homophobic uncle doing a drunken impression of Richard Simmons, complete with lisps and frequent use of the word "faaaaaaabulous!"Bill and Ted, understandably, are bummed Their initial excitement at having Superman with them on their quest turns to disappointment as, obviously, now that Superman is gay, he is not going[...]

Keanu Reeves Sets Up The Plot Of Bill & Ted's Third Adventure

I've got a good feeling about the promised third Bill & Ted film. So does Keanu Reeves, it would seem. Which is nice, seeing as he's going to be in it and all. Talking to GQ to promote his new documentary Side by Side, an interrogation into the transition from analog to digital filmmaking, Reeves […]