A Comic Show – Secret Wars and Revealed Thors!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:

Hey Fandom, it's a new A Comic Show that covers the crap out of Secret Wars #2, Thor #8's reveal, Convergence and the new DC June 8 pagers, and some of the best Image has to offer!

Forget about the "Death of Marvel 616" click bait articles, and even the Fox vs Marvel FF/X-Men speculative cynicism, SECRET WARS is for Marvel fans! Hickman has crafted a better House of M, a bigger Age of Apocalypse, and a world where everyone's favorite character's and eras coexist under the God Emperor Doom. If you like any Marvel anything, it's part of Battleworld. And if all the pretty shiny things aren't enough for you, there's still Thanos and his Cabal! Epic fun is ready to be had if you just jump on for the ride. We know we're getting a new, integrated Marvel Universe after this, and yes it may be more like the MCU in some ways, but I'm having a blast now. "Who Is She?" got answered in Thor #8! I'm not going to spoil it, but savvier fans us can deduce her identity from her opening internal monologue. There's more questions, like why she decided to become Thor if she… (not gonna spoil yet), but I'm satisfied with the reveal and ready for more. Also, Howard the Duck #3's team up with Aunt May is hilarious.

Finally, Convergence gets good! The sixth issue opens with "Our Universe. Now."! Its New 52 heroes coming to Telos, and the nostalgic heroes of the cities teaming up on the planet! I probably like the Earth 2 New 52 JSA types more than the next fan, but I wanted to see all my old favorite heroes in the main title the whole time. Convergence JLI hit my Bwa-ha-ha feels this issue. A few of the 8 page June preview have my interest, Bizarro, Action, and Aquaman this week are worth checking out.

Ellis' Injection #1 is a book for his fans. It's perhaps a step into the future with technology and medicine with a little old world Englishman mysticism, and an "I don't really know what's going on from the first issue, but I'm enjoying it" feel. Image also gave us new issues of Saga, The Walking Dead, Birthright, Chrononauts, and Black Science. My great week of books ended with Rick and Morty #2 (I'm so ready for season 2).

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