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Warren Ellis To Create Audio Drama Podcasts & The Return Of Injection
They both also created the comic book series Injection with Jordie Bellaire, published by Image Comics Warren also wrote; A few people have asked me about plans for INJECTION recently.  All I can tell you right now is that we are waiting for the stars to align to be able to finish our story, and it's[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for August 20-26, 2019
Blaster (Switch) ONINAKI (PC, PS4, Switch) Path of Sin: Greed (Switch) SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo (Switch) SEGA AGES Space Harrier (Switch) credit//Square Enix August 23rd Dead Cells – Action Game of The Year (PS4, Switch) Gurgamoth (Switch) Injection (PS4) Plunge (Switch) Telling Lies (PC) Tokyo Chronos (PS4) Whipseey and the Lost Atlas (XB1) While everyone is writing up Gamescom 2019 news this week, we still have a bunch[...]
Universal Cable Productions has optioned the ongoing comic series Injection for television The Image Comics title that was first published in 2015, comes from Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. Injection tells the story of a special think-tank brought together by the British government for the sole purpose of theorizing about the future of humanity[...]
Injection #14 released by Image Comics, written by Warren Ellis and with art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, continues the teams weird and twisted journey through British storytelling. Because that is what Injection is all about, really: British fiction Ellis has discussed this idea before, but as each arc has focused on a different member[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – The F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life #1-2, Obsolete Heroes, Sorcery Chapter 1, Lazarus #19, Bitch Planet #5, Injection #5, Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1
This Week's Reviews: The F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life #1-2 Obsolete Heroes Sorcery Chapter 1 Lazarus #19 Bitch Planet #5 Injection #5 Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1 The F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life #1-2 (Action Lab, $3.99) Obsolete Heroes (, $4.39) Sorcery Chapter 1 (, $8.25) By Graig Kent Wandering through the deep and plentiful aisles of Artists Alley at Toronto[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From DC Comics Bombshells To JLA Gods And Monsters, Phonogram, Harrow County And More!
Two detectives are hot on the trail of a sexually transmitted disease that is making people beautiful…but at what cost? Another cult-like fan-favorite series resurfacing this week from Image Comics is Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1, by Gillen and McKelvie, fan-favorite creators of Young Avengers! Explore the world of phonomancy as told by the creators that[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Archie, To Civil War, Age Of Apocalypse, Star Wars: Lando & More!
Deadpool And Howling Commandos #2 18:02 Runaways #2 18:20 Secret Wars 2099 #3 18:42 Squadron Sinister #2 19:09 Spider-Verse #3 20:08 Harrow County #3 20:35 Injection #3 20:59 Starve #2 21:31 Saga #30 Contact Links: Site – Digital Store –… Facebook –… Twitter – MP3 of this video –…   [...]
Starve Is A Gourmet Transmetropolitan For The 21st Century
Well, we live in such a rich time for good comic books right now, Wednesdays always gives us a lot to chew over… Starve #1 and Injection #2 are both published by Image Comics tomorrow, in all good comic stores And a couple of bad ones as well. It's a science fiction comic that begins with[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Convergence Week 7, Insufferable #1, Sword Of Sorrow #1, Injection #1, A-Force #1, Ultimate End #1, Battleworld: Master of Kung Fu #1 And Secret Wars #1
This Week's Reviews: Convergence #7 Convergence: The New Teen Titans #2 Convergence: Flash #2 Insufferable #1 Swords of Sorrow #1 Injection #1 A-Force #1 Ultimate End #1 Battleworld: Master of Kung Fu #1 Battleworld: Secret Wars #1 Convergence Week 7 By Graig Kent I left you last week hoping that this issue wouldn't just be a "this side" versus "that[...]
A Comic Show – Secret Wars and Revealed Thors!
A few of the 8 page June preview have my interest, Bizarro, Action, and Aquaman this week are worth checking out. Ellis' Injection #1 is a book for his fans It's perhaps a step into the future with technology and medicine with a little old world Englishman mysticism, and an "I don't really know what's going[...]
Preview: Warren Ellis And Declan Shalvey's Injection
Warren Ellis has shared a preview of his upcoming Image comic book with Declan Shalvey, Injection, on his newsletter. And reminds us what it'a all about. Once upon a time, there were five crazy people, and they poisoned the 21st Century Now they have to deal with the corrosion to try and save us all from a[...]