Beat All Of 'Destiny', And All You'll Get Is This Lousy T-Shirt

So Destiny is getting a massive update on March 28 with Age Of Triumph, which includes updating old raids for current light levels and a 13-page record book full of ridiculous achievements. It's essentially a  final hurrah for the game, especially coming off the news that you get to keep your character and nothing else when Destiny 2 is released. But news came out that if you manage to beat enough of these challenges to hit Rank 7, you'll be rewarded! …With a t-shirt.

The shirt will come with your gamer tag and that cool design on the front, giving you bragging rights to show off to your fellow Destiny players in person. I'm sure for a lot of people this is exciting, but as an average gamer who only played and enjoyed the game and didn't get super obsessed with it, this seems like an odd way to finish things off. Give us some flair, give us medals or some kind of championship, Bungie! You were the creators of a massively popular shooter after creating another massively popular shooter. Don't turn the end result of everything these players worked hard for in the game into the equivalent of the gift shop at the end of Splash Mountain.

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