Wednesday Trending Topics: Crossover Dribble

Wednesday Trending Topics: Crossover DribbleThank goodness it's basketball season. Nothing like the squeak of the shoes on the court on tv in the background to get you into the winter work groove. But even veteran players get caught short by a wicked crossover move once in awhile,  so you just gotta get up and get ready for the next play.

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Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

PWNED: Marvel And DC Not To Publish New Twelve Issue Crossover – Spider-Man/Batman

So it seems they laid a trap, one written to appeal to Bleeding Cool, and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Diamond ran an article on their website outlining a fictitious crossover – one that has now disappeared and I have emails from Marvel Comics peeps asking if April has come early…

Twenty-Two Thoughts About Today's Comics

Comics are delayed to the UK by two days again this week, they'll be available tomorrow, as soon as shops have sorted through the deliveries. So I turned to my man on the inside to give us a few little tasters on what to expect today (or tomorrow).

The Rumour Awards 2011: Controversial Comic Book Of The Year

12. The Infidel #1 got its moment in the sun, courtesy of Nightrunner appearance in Batman (see below) as The Daily Show made mock of this comic book created in the shadow of 9/11 that took a rather negative view of Muslims and Islam – with a comic-within-a-comic seeing a superhero dressed in pigskin fighting in the Middle East.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

Okay, So There Is No Dark Knight Rises Remix – As You Were

Just to tidy up a loose end, here's an update on where we stand with the foggy Bane audio in the IMAX prologue for The Dark Knight Rises: exactly where we were when we first started.

Universal Going For A Bridesmaids Sequel, Even Without Kristen Wiig

While Kristen Wiig and her co-writer on Bridesmaids, Annie Mummolo, are drawing up plans for new and original films – and bravo to that – the studio are looking for a sequel to their unexpected smash. The Hollywood Reporter seem to believe that Wiig may have turned down an "eight figure deal" to take part:

Benedict Cumberbatch And Noel Clarke Cast In New Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch, the preferred Sherlock of this Parish, has reportedly swooped in and taken the lead villain role in the new Star Trek movie. This was the part that Benicio Del Toro turned down and that Edgar Ramirez had auditioned for. It looked, for a while, that JJ Abrams was only seeing hispanic actors for the part, and reports persisted that the role was that of Khan.


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