Disney's Bob Iger Refuses To Talk With Tech Companies Over SOPA

Jerry Iger was a cartoonist who worked for and with Will Eisner. His grand-nephew, Robert Iger, is now CEO of Disney, and the man who persuaded Marvel to sell to Disney. He is a keen supporter of SOPA and PIPA legislation.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has trying to broker some kind of agreement between IP owners and tech companies over the current legislation being discussed. The Huffington Post reports;

Walt Disney Co. President and CEO Bob Iger declined the invitation on behalf of content providers. "Hollywood did not feel that a meeting with Silicon Valley would be productive at this time," said a spokesperson. The meeting took place with only tech companies present. Feinstein, once a reliable vote for the existing version of Protect IP, is now working hard to amend the bill, according to Senate Democratic aides.

This isn't just supporting legislation. This is declining to even hear or discuss arguments against it. Now that's just being pig headed. Or mouse headed if you prefer.


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