First Look: 3 Pages Of Alan Moore And Jacen Burrows' Providence #1

Providence #1 arrives May 27th, the comic fully scripted by Alan Moore with art by Jacen Burrows as they team up again following from their H.P. Lovecraft inspired work Neonomicon from Avatar Press. But this time, our 12 issue series takes us back to 1920's New York and New England, a time and place seminal to Lovecraft's life and to the timeline of his characters.

Providence01-Portrait-600x927And as Moore says, it's the right time to take a modern look at Lovecraft and really "reappraise" his contribution to speculative and horror fiction:

Lately, I've become aware of aspects of Lovecraft that I wasn't aware of before. I've seen possibilities in Lovecraft that I haven't previously glimpsed. Given that I've been planning this for about 4 years now, it's a very fortuitous convergence, if you like, for my interest in Lovecraft and my desire to tell a different kind of Lovecraft story, one appropriate to the 21st century and how we see and understand his work now.

Providence is more than just inspired by the works of Lovecraft, but is a definitive work, according to Moore, meant to draw together the strands of Lovecraft's creations. We've had a full teaser interview from Moore,  and recently, the covers for Issue #2 were revealed as well. But today we have the biggest introduction to the world of Providence yet, three pages of interior artwork by Jacen Burrows.

Some further special teasers: these pages depict the offices of the New York Herald Newspaper in the year 1919, and introduce us to a central character. We'll leave the rest to your imagination—for now.

Here's our look at the interiors of Providence #1:

Providence01pg02_color copy Providence01pg03_color copy Providence01pg10_color copyProvidence #1 arrives on May 27th and is currently available for pre-order. Make sure to order enough copies of what Moore calls his "ultimate Lovecraft" story.

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with artist Jacen Burrows here on Bleeding Cool.

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