First Trailer For Goon Shows The Fun Of Having Your Teeth Smashed In

First Trailer For Goon Shows The Fun Of Having Your Teeth Smashed In

Having lived in Canada, I am pretty much obliged to like ice hockey. It may have goals and teams and rules and all the other things that make competitive sports about as interesting as watching a nonagenerian walking to a corner shop to a pint of skimmed milk, but it also has violence, and blood, and… did I mention the violence? It essentially amounts to people rushing round an ice rink at high speeds armed with sticks and rage, which in my book is a recipe for fun.

On that note, I bring you the trailer for Goon, the latest offering from Michael Dowse which features Seann "Superfluous N" William Scott as a bouncer called Doug who somehow gets roped into playing a hockey game, where he is crap on ice, but can throw a good punch. The team take him on and he is soon spotted by another team, the Halifax Highlanders, who trade for Doug so that they can use him as an in-game bodyguard for their star player.

Michael Dowse was the writer-director behind DJ mockumentary It's All Gone Pete Tong, and the script was co-written by actor Jay Baruchel and Superbad's Evan Goldberg. Filling out the cast are Liev Schreiber,  Jay Baruchel himself and Eugene Levy. I doubt it's coincidence that immediately after Goon was sold for a seven-figure fee to Magnolia Pictures, Baruchel was tapped to co-write another baseball-based comedy called Baseballissimo with Jesse Chabot. The sports movie is back in, folks.

Goon is based on the true story of Doug Smith, who wrote it all up in a book entitled Goon: The True Story of an Unlikely Journey into Minor League Hockey. The trailer has just been released, so here it is.


How does it look? Well, it looks like a sports comedy. Take underperforming sports team, add new player and/or coach, insert training montage, take underdog team to finals and either win in straightforward victory or come second place but achieving a different kind of victory, realising that the journey was what mattered, and working as a team, and making new friends, and showing everyone what the underdog can achieve.

Also, getting laid. That bit's important.

But I'll put up with a sports movie if it's about ice hockey, because at least that means lots of moments where the audience can all yell "Ooooh!" in unison. It also worked for Dodgeball.

Incidentally, if someone throws a wrench at Seann William Scott's face, I will automatically give this movie five stars.

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