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'Schitt's Creek': What the Cast Took Along when the Show Wrapped

The fifth season finished airing last month in Canada, and should be making its way to Netflix by the fall of this year for international audiences.[caption id="attachment_1040917" align="aligncenter" width="2000"] The cast of "Schitt's Creek" at the Canadian Screen AwardsPhoto by Shawn Goldberg /[/caption]Dan and Eugene Levy, who co-created and co-produce the ground-breaking comedy series,[...]

Finding Dory – More Character Details And Cast For The Finding Nemo Sequel

Disney Pixar's D23 reveals just won't stop coming.Though we're a long way out from actually seeing Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo, the studio have taken the Expo as an opportunity to reveal some new casting and new characters.As it turns out, we're going to meet Dory's family this time, and Pixar have revealed that[...]

American Reunion Full Trailer – Apple Pie Nostalgia And Innuendo

Take a trip back in time to that one time in band camp. The new trailer for American Reunion, the fourth, eight or ninety ninth American Pie film depending on how you count, is a very nostalgic affair. Yeah, and they're just as interested in cum jokes as they ever were. Let's see them do […]

First Trailer For Goon Shows The Fun Of Having Your Teeth Smashed In

Filling out the cast are Liev Schreiber,  Jay Baruchel himself and Eugene Levy I doubt it's coincidence that immediately after Goon was sold for a seven-figure fee to Magnolia Pictures, Baruchel was tapped to co-write another baseball-based comedy called Baseballissimo with Jesse Chabot The sports movie is back in, folks.Goon is based on[...]