Friday the 13th: the Game is Getting Offline Bots Today

Friday the 13th: the Game is today going to be getting offline bots on PC and PS4, allowing players to enjoy the game without having to play with other users.

Friday the 13th: the Game is Getting Offline Bots Today

The game got a fair bit of traction this year, with the goofy, janky but undeniably fun asymmetrical title. While trying to outsmart other players as Jason or as a camper is half the fun of the game, the title is getting the extra functionality later today. Speaking on the game's forums, Community Manager Daniel Nixon said:

Maybe you hate playing online with people. Maybe you want to learn the lay of the land in all the maps. Maybe you just want to practice laying waste to scores of counselors. No matter the why of your situation, today I am happy to announce that the next update of Friday the 13th: The Game will include offline bots.

To access this new feature, you'll want to select the new "Offline Play" menu item, and then "Offline Bots". Next up you'll want to select the map you want to play on, and select your preferred counselor punishing Jason.

There will be three difficulty levels for counsellor bots in the game making them both better at hiding but also more aggressive and willing to attack Jason. The update is set to go live at some point on PC and PS4 today, but the Xbox will be a little later seemingly.

Have at it.