Friday Runaround: The Big Barda Theory

V4V2Watch: David Lloyd on purported V For Vendetta sequel;

"There were rumours about (DC) doing a sequel and if they decide to do so (as they own the copyright), I will not be involved in it. A sequel would be superfluous."

"There were talks of reviving Night Raven or even reprinting the original stories (since the last compilation in 1990). If you have a chance to talk to the people at Marvel, ask them to reprint Night Raven!"

StripWatch: King Features to make all their syndicated strips available on the iPhone.

EconomyWatch: Brian Hibbs talks industry realities;

The general advice when someone asks "How's business?" is to be bubbly and upbeat; you always want to appear strong and confident so that consumers have confidence in you as well. That's good advice, and one I certainly practice in the store, but in this column I really feel like I need to be honest and forthright: seventeen of the last nineteen months our sales have been down compared to the same month a year before. In most cases by at-or-near double digits.

BC ComicChronThis is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Big Bang Theory Gets DC Comics-Themed Ep

At the risk of mixing nerd metaphors, "The Justice League Recombination" — a DC Comics-themed episode of The Big Bang Theory — promises to cause many disturbances in the force. Penny is back with Zack (Brian Thomas Smith), that Tall Drink of Manbot from last season who makes Leonard feel positively pubescent.

Taschen DC party brings out the comics stars

Stan Lee and Paul Levitz

Boom! Studios on the 'Pollyanna-ish' Overhype of Digital Comics

One thing that concerns me is that we have completely replicated the periodical market digitally and I don't know if casual readers are going to cotton to periodical comics. Reading 22-page ongoing stories on a month-to-month basis is a pretty weird thing to do. There are not a ton of analogues to this anymore. The closest is serialized television on TV on a week to week basis.

Boom! Gets Elric

Elric:  The Balance Lost will tell the story of Elric's battle to restore the Cosmic Balance of the Multiverse after the workings of Fate are tampered with.  Elric is stranded on a world where Chaos holds sway.

With Death Comes Comic Relief

But lately, the Berkeley store has been hemorrhaging customers. Juricich blames cash-flow problems, which caused Comic Relief to temporarily lose its distributor, Diamond. As of right now, the store hasn't gotten any new arrivals in nearly a month. It faces imminent closure.


I have one of the original Cast & Crew posters made by the great Olly Moss.   There were only 100 of these printed, signed and numbered.   This represents the only one not owned by a member of the cast or crew.

Artist Frank Frazetta's kids renew estate fight –

Frank Frazetta Jr. filed a lawsuit in Fort Myers, Fla., on Wednesday accusing his brother and two sisters of violating the terms of the agreement by failing to consult him on business decisions and not paying him what he is owed from the trust.

Romance and Robots :: Blog :: Dark Horse Comics

A fine case-study is one of my favorite manga of all-time (and incidentally, I notice it's still up on Deb Aoki's blog): Sekitou Erejii (Lit. "Red Light Elegy"), by Takashi Kira. It's saddening to me that it remains (legally) untranslated, but its so full of emotion, humor, dynamic characters that are easy to associate oneself with, "real" situations and the perfect smattering of fan-service, yet it will most likely not find an audience here.

Marvel Announces a New Imprint

On the other side of the Crossgen spectrum, RUSE plants you in the heart of mystery as the world's greatest detective, Simon Archard, meets the alluring and enigmatic Emma Bishop, a woman who may well be his match and launches him into the greatest caper of his career. The one and only Mark Waid writes while star on the rise Mirco Pierfederici provides art.

Exclusive: Tron Guy Reviews Tron: Legacy, Says Sequel Almost Drove Him to Tears | Underwire |

I've been waiting 28 years to see if the other shoe would ever drop on the Tron universe. It has, and the result is visually stunning, intellectually engaging and emotionally exhausting.

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