It's Steampunk Western Time


Scott Wilke writes,

I love the Old West. I grew up on films like Once Upon a Time in the West, Magnificent Seven, and A Fistful of Dollars. I loved to read about Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday, and Bat Masterson. There was something (for lack of a better word) legendary about the time period. The lines between good and bad were so blurred that to this day the so-called 'villains' of the Old West are as revered as the 'heroes.'

As much as I love the Old West, I love sci-fi…more specifically, robots. About 10 years ago, I wrote a short story that incorporated my two loves. The story, very simply, revolved around an unnamed gunslinger who had to fight his way through a town full of robots.

Every so many years I would revisit the story. I would add a character here and a side story there. Through college I began sculpting the story into a screenplay. Then, finally, about two years ago I started to turn it into a comic book.

The Legend of Everett Forge takes place in an alternate 1889 where Machines control the entire Western Territory of the United States. Their leader, Omega, rules the Territory with an iron fist (no pun intended!) The story focuses on notorious outlaw, Everett Forge, a man who is out for revenge…revenge against Omega.

This brief synopsis should go to show this ain't your grandpa's Western! The story has bounty hunters, mercenaries, airships, giant mechs, gunfights (obviously), and all kinds of fun Steampunk gadgetry. Gadgets include Colts with Magnetic Accelerators and Steam Trikes that convert from three wheels to four to travel on railroads.

The Kickstarter we are running will help us cover the remaining art we need and to do a very small print run. We are offering copies of Issue #1 as well as copies of works from our publisher, About Time Comics. These works include Godsend and In-Flight Service. Our awesome art team, ClickArt Studios, has also drawn up some amazing posters that will be offered in certain reward levels, including blueprints for one of our main characters, Angel of Death.

One reward level will actually give a few lucky people a chance to become part of a mini-comic we are writing that will run parallel to the events in The Legend of Everett Forge. The mini-comic, The Treasure of Captain Tinbeard, will focus on a rag-tag group of airship pirates who are on the run from the maniacal Captain Tinbeard! The reward level will give four people the chance to design their own character from the ground up. They'll come up with the name, the look, the weaponry…EVERYTHING! They'll even get a copy of their concept art to show off! The mini-comic will only be offered digitally and will be sent to all backers as well as be featured on our Facebook page. Each person will retain the rights to their characters as well. This is just for fun. And if we're able to fill all four spots, we're even going to lengthen the story!

So come and check out our Kickstarter, we feature a five page preview of Issue #1 along with a ton of concept art! Take a look around and see what you think!

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