Jesse James Of Jesse James Comics, Arizona, Also Has Problems With Marvel Experience

So, there has been bad karma sent in the direction of Marvel Experience of Scottsdale, Arizona of late, with terrible reviews, local TV news getting involved in the slating, bad reviews of commentary being deleted from Facebook by the promoters and the occasional positive review getting drowned out in the hating.

Well, in for a penny… Bleeding Cool-favourite retailer Jesse James, of Phoenix, Arizona, had his own take to share. He writes, after reading Bleeding Cool's most recent collection of horrors, saying

I have been posting now for 6 weeks about ‪#‎marvelExperience‬ and how it is just a money grab event and has NO interest in community and relationship building. This article strengthening my believe that this should not be supported by the comic book community not just in our State but the States to come.

Their store outreach was a mere phone call months ago by a unidentified person from Marvel. This person had no follow up or a email (that he said he would send) with all the info. The second was a email from a marketing company who wanted to know if we wanted anything. However, nothing ever showed up and there was no reply to all our emails to this outlet.

All in all, this is an embarrassment to the comic book industry in Arizona. Though we have no affiliation with M.E., this will give the non LCS fan some what of a ideal of how we might treat comic book fans (which is so far from the truth). This may steer them away from the real experience of going into a comic book store or going to a local convention.

We are asking those few who are hubs to the M.E. (though its so few) to reconsider advertising or marketing for them. By removing your ads or any marketing, you're the strongest message we can give to M.E., you are showing your support for a strong Comic Book community.

For those who haven't gone and are still considering it. We suggest you might want to put your money back into your community that will be here for years to come.

Shame on you M.E. your Best course should be to better your product not to censor the opinion of the community whose hard earned money you have taken..

In other observations, note the almost-ostracisation of Spider-Man – thankfully he's a bit more prominent on the inside. And you even manage to see Wolverine's claws…

10409344_298057280403993_8857997606973376915_nOne reader writes,

It's clear you have an agenda with your negative views on the Marvel Experience. I live in Dallas and excited about it coming here and have read all Bleeding Cools take on it. I Have no skin
In the game and not sure why you are so concerned about bashing it. Just let them breath and work though theirs kinks. Not sure what your personal agenda it.

No agenda, personal or otherwise, aside from covering a story that folk care about. Still, we hope that you don't have to pay for those kinks when it comes to your town…


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