Kansas City Comic Con Debuts With A Show Well Done

Ashleigh Jay reported this year from Denver Comic Con, and now takes on the first year of Kansas City Comic Con. She is 12 years old. Since Kansas City makes a particular point of advertizing the "all-ages" experience at their con, it's great to have a direct report from a young person about the convention's debut show.


Ashleigh writes:

This was Kansas City's first year for this Comic Con. I think it was bigger and more organized than I originally expected. As my dad and I talked to some of the exhibitors, we heard that the people running the con were very generous and respectful. The booths were well organized and arranged with numbered banners hanging from the ceiling.

The con seemed to have quite a few people there for being its first year. Many people came dressed in cosplay. There were not quite as many creators, but this con had more people doing individual projects such as selling clothing and jewelry and I thought that was amazing. In my years at the Denver Comic Con, I have not seen quite as many people doing their own projects.

Jason Aaron and Kevin Nowlan both worked on a Star Wars comic that had a variant cover that was exclusive to the con. The comic was issue # 7. I was able to get it signed for a friend of mine that loves Star Wars.


I also won a Captain America print from Mike Zeck at his booth. The print featured Captain America being shot at with his shield up. When you bought something, they would give you a ticket. You would come back at a certain time and a number would be drawn. I felt very lucky when I won.

Another thing I did was visit Ian McGinty again, who I have visited before. He was very nice and friendly. (I am hoping to write more about his upcoming project Welcome to Showside closer to its release date.)

Phil Hester was also there. He mentioned writing issue # 10 for the comic Flash Season Zero which is based off the Flash TV show. Another thing he said was that a digital copy of all the comics of season zero might be included in the blu-ray for the Flash tv show season 1. I have friends who like the Flash TV show and that might introduce them to the Flash comics.

The KC CW channel was there and had a game where you could win prizes. They had a Flash flash drive, an Arrow phone holder, and some Big Bang Theory trading cards. I ended up winning the "Flash" drive and my dad won the Big Bang Theory cards.


I think the con was well put together for its first year. My dad and I had fun walking through it and talking to people. For me, it was a good experience. The whole con felt very welcoming for the most part. I believe they did a great job.

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