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Alan Moore's Jerusalem To Be Published In 2016 By Knockabout And Liveright
Or publishers. Knockabout, the UK publishers of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, will be publishing Jerusalem in the UK in the autumn of 2016 In the US and Canada, the book will be published by Liveright Publishing, part of WW Norton. It looks at the stark ramifications of ideas on love, tragedy and morality in a work of[...]
My Favourite Reference In The New League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Comic
The final chapter in the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo story came out last week in the UK from Top Shelf Publications and Knockabout Nemo: River Of Ghosts starring the daughter of Captain Nemo, Janni, taking on his role in the world and aboard the Nautilus We saw the time of her birth, now we reach[...]
Your First Look At League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo – River Of Ghosts
This is your first look at the upcoming new League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, Nemo: River Of Ghosts, published by Knockabout and Top Shelf/IDW. With princess Jenny, daughter of Captain Nemo, and set in 1975, concluding the Nemo trilogy, and published on 2nd March. Hmm Looking at that opening splash-page… have[...]
A League Of Extraordinary Publishers – IDW, Top Shelf And Knockabout
So I asked a few people who might be affected. Tony Bennett is the publisher of Knockabout in the UK, who co-publishes a number of titles with Top Shelf in the US, including From Hell and League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen I asked Tony what the effect might be and he told me, "No difference to any of[...]
Reading League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo: Roses Of Berlin
Long may it continue. Nemo: Roses of Berlin is published by Knockabout/Top Shelf and will be available from early March It is available digitally from Sequential today. Dave Wallace reviews Nemo: Roses of Berlin for Bleeding Cool: There are many words you could use to describe Alan Moore's writing "Intelligent", "structured", "layered", "elegant" and "poetic" are just[...]
Your First Look At The New Alan Moore And Steve Parkhouse BoJeffries Saga
Because while the US release date from Top Shelf Productions is mid-March, the UK release from Knockabout is, I'm told, scheduled for the end of February. If you have ever loved Alan Moore's work, prepare to meet, or be reintroduced to, The Bojeffries Here's the bumf and your first look at the brand new story… Jobremus Bojeffries[...]
Neil Gaiman's Lost Comics, For Free, And For Charity
Knockabout Comics and graphic novel app SEQUENTIAL are publishing a digital collection of Neil Gaiman's 'lost' comic strips from the 1980s for free – and it's in aid of charity. Neil Gaiman's Lost Tales will feature collaborations with Bryan Talbot, Dave McKean and more with a rare interview conducted in the eighties, Gaiman's original typed notes for Sandman, sample[...]
The Hartlepool Monkey Scores Big In France
The French edition of Knockabout's The Hartlepool Monkey by Wilfrid Lupano and Jeremie Moreau, translated as Le Singe de Hartlepool by Delcourt, has been awarded a literary prize as part of the "Rendez-vous de l'histoire de Blois" festival, the biggest history event in France, taking place in the city of Blois, with a jury made[...]
The Black Dossier Vinyl Record On YouTube – Alan Moore Sings
While at NYCC, I gave an old aquaintance a copy of the vinyl record from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, released by Knockabout Comics in the UK and given away free with purchase at Gosh Comics (still) in London An essential purchase for any comic book fan visiting London. An enterprising young fellow seems[...]