Marat Mychaels Jumps On Grifter Full Time. And Rob Liefeld Tells Tales.

Marat Mychaels Jumps On Grifter Full Time. And Rob Liefeld Tells Tales.Marat Mychaels filled on pencils for Grifter #11 last month, instead of Scott Clark and, it seems, will be doing the same on issue 13.

And then he's on the book for good.

In what is becoming, for people on Twitter that is, an increasingly entertaining departure from DC Comics, Rob Liefeld has told us all that he tried to get Marat onto the book from issue 9. On tweet;

Marat: SO 100% official I'll be taking over penciling duties on Grifter for @dccomics.

Rob: Very happy to hear that some of the cable I laid out is staying put. Fought hard for @MaratMychaels on Grifter. Book just got much better.

Marat: @robertliefeld wanted me to take over Grifter with #9 -FACT

But it seems he might have actually wanted another of Rob's titles;

Rob: Congrats! Shoulda been Deathstroke!!

Marat: Nightwing and Deathstroke my dream books

Rob is also giving us more tales from DC…

My greatest triumph at DC was getting an inept editor fired. From that point on that I had put a target on me. Next guy wanted to show me.

Even if it meant standing up for mediocre talent that phoned his work in and missed deadlines by a mile.

And in case you are counting, I haven't missed a deadline on a non-ensemble assignment in 4 years. Hit all my marks.

Did anyone else do 13 consecutive comics since the 52 launched? I'm out of the loop. HD #1-8, Dstroke #9-12,0

Funniest part is every week, with every new "direction" or "adjustment" from editorial, I'd be like, are U really giving me this much GOLD??

And even from Marvel…

Let me share a great unknown story from the 1996 Heroes Reborn era. As part of our deal we received "completion bonuses" for completed issue

Marvel President called the day after Christmas on 1996 to say they were entering bankruptcy but would honor our contracts. I was concerned

Our next issue was due and we were talking exit strategy because they wanted to slash our budgets. I flew an Extreme freelancer 2 NYC w/disc

That freelancer was to receive a cashiers check for the issue, it was 50k or more if memory serves. The freelancer was to leave and call us.

Once we had confirmation that the check was in hand, the freelancer handed over the disc with the 6th issue of Cap. He then flew home

We opted to not go with the reduced budgets on Heroes Reborn and that was the last of it. My favorite part of the story was…

That the freelancer we sent used the time during the shakedown to show his portfolio to the Marvel editors. Love that!

I understand that it was rather… interesting in the halls of DC Comicsyesterday. I can't see that changing any time soon.

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