A New Tony Hawk Game Is Coming Later This Year

TONYHAWKAt one point, Tony Hawk was one of the most bankable names in video games. The first two games in his franchise are classics in their genre and plenty of titles after those were well worth getting some time with. It was around Tony Hawk Underground 2 when I really noticed a serious drop off for the series and the peripheral mandatory Tony Hawk: Ride was a real nail in the coffin for the console games.

Or so we thought. It turns out a new Tony Hawk game will be coming to us pretty soon. During Sony's keynote at CES 2015 yesterday, Hawk took to the stage to announce a new game will be coming out later this year on PlayStation 4. There wasn't too much said otherwise.

That includes console exclusivity. While this was announced at a Sony keynote, no one used the word "exclusive". That leads me to think the game will be on Xbox One. Sony would have been very clear if this was a console exclusive as is mandatory in today's world of on-stage announcements.