Report: The Batman Filming And Release Pushed Back Due To Scheduling Conflicts, Not Ben Affleck's Alcohol Struggles

The standalone Batman film known as The Batman has had a long and troubled history. Originally, Ben Affleck was supposed to write, direct, and star in The Batman, which was set to follow Justice League with a 2018 release. However, Affleck spent months commenting about how he wouldn't direct The Batman unless the script was good, and, in a suspicious coincidence, ultimately decided not to direct. Rumors quickly followed that Affleck's script, which had already been rewritten by Chris Terrio, would receive a fresh start when a new director came on board as Affleck pursued an exit strategy from the DCEU. Finally, one report even claimed that multiple insider sources said Affleck wants out of playing Batman completely.

The next director in line for the film was Matt Reeves, but Reeves reportedly dropped out of negotiations, which were described as breaking down, though the cause was unknown. Reeves eventually did sign on, after being offered more money, reportedly, which calls back to one of Afflecks early quotes:


So money is not an issue. There is enough of it in the world. What's lacking now, it seems, is time, as The Batman will reportedly not begin filming until 2018, according to tweets from Variety reporter Justin Kroll:

If Batman won't film until 2018, a 2018 release date is probably unlikely, which jibes with reports of delays dating back to January. One thing that isn't affecting The Batman's release, and has not affected Affleck's performance or involvement with the project, according to reports, is Affleck's recent struggles with addiction. On Facebook yesterday, Affleck posted the following:

According to a source for Entertainment Weekly, however:

Affleck's alcohol addiction treatment didn't affect his involvement in The Batman, and he's still working on the script for the planned sequel with D.C.'s chief creative officer Geoff Johns.

So The Batman is still coming out, Ben Affleck will supposedly still star in it and be "involved" in the script rewrites that are still happening, though they were previously denied, and all is well in the DC Cinematic Universe. Except that, it will most likely be all well a few months to a year later than originally planned.


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