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Thank Canada! Thank Canada! | Ty Templeton's Art Land

Besides Canada's generosity in giving humanity a moment to reflect on their good fortune, I've created a list of the other things the people of the world SHOULD be thanking Canada for.

More of us should be hated and feared by our readers – The Fantasy Writers panel at NYCC

When you bring up Tolkien to my mind there's a difference between doing what Tolkien did and copying Tolkien. What he did was so different for the genre at the time that for a long time we were just kind of circling him and trying to figure out what it was that he did. We can look at Tolkien and ask "What did he do? How did he use mythology? How did he blend it with his story? How did he do this without taking his own mythology and doing stories like that?" I think we're getting better and better at that.

X Japan's Yoshiki, Stan Lee to Create Comic Series

Yoshiki Hayashi, the co-founder of the X Japan rock band, has announced at his New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con panel on Saturday that he is collaborating with American comic creator Stan Lee on a music superhero comic book series. The comic series will be translated into various unspecified languages and adapted into a motion comic. Lee also appeared in X Japan's "Born to Be Free" music video.

NYCC MAKING A MARK: Marko Djurdjevic's Iron Man Mural

It's now the question I instantly chuck at any comic con' worth it's salt; 'What slice of Marvel is going to get the next set of killer inter-locking covers by Marko Djurdjevic?' NYCC's answer: Iron Man.

'The Thing' at NYCC: Macho Norwegians and How the Crew Freaked Out Customs

There was no beating around the bush when it came to 'The Thing' at the New York Comic-Con earlier today. As soon as the applause died down, director Matthijs van Heijningen introduced a brand-new teaser that no one had ever seen before. And, as the eagle-eyed among us noted, the stars on the panel — Joel Edgerton, Eric Christian Olsen, Ulrich Thomsen and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje — also stood up to take a peek, because none of them had ever seen it either.

NYCC Exclusive: Dan Buckley Pwns Belligerent Fan at Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel

Some douche went up to the mic to start shit. He told Quesada he should resign as eic and that marvel is unreadable. Buckley basically told him to STFU and ask a question. He also told the guy to stop buying it if he didn't like it.

The Avengers Academy writer makes his Marvel

It gives those of us here at Marvel great pleasure and pride to welcome AVENGERS ACADEMY writer Christos Gage to the family as our newest exclusive creator.

Oh No They Didn't! – MTV Creating New Gang of Comic-Book Heroes

Stan Lee and MTV are teaming up to create a crew of comic-book superheroes, dubbed the Seekers. MTV will hold a contest for "undiscovered talent," and the winner will write and illustrate the series, which will have "a very high-concept plot and span centuries," premiering digitally on the MTV Geek website and then becoming a TV series or film. Sounds promising, and a bit like MTV's still trying to re-brand itself and talk to hip teens again.

[NYCC First Look] 'Your Highness' Promises Feudal Fun & Medieval Mayhem

One of the most anticipated panels at New York Comic-Con this year was for Your Highness, the newest film from Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green, starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman and Justin Theroux. The panel and trailer both lived up to expectations, and if the latter was any indication, we have a great action/comedy to look forward to this spring.

Opening the Cages – Pádraig talks with Dave McKean

Neil got us an audience with DC Comics editors Karen Berger and Dick Giordano, and I only really had pages from Violent Cases to show them. It was a leap of faith to go from that book to tackling a DC superhero, but I think Dick liked some of the drawings quite a bit. Meanwhile Neil frantically pitched away until he hit on a character that wasn't taken by another writer. Black Orchid came out of that, but also the Hellblazer covers, which do relate to Violent Cases in their collage approach.

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