San Diego Debut: Conspiracy Of The Planet Of The Apes

Debuting at San Diego Comic Con…

Title: Conspiracy Of The Planet Of The Apes

Creators: Drew Gaska, Christian Berntsen, Rich Handley and Erik Matthews , Matt Busch, Patricio Carbajal, Colo, Dave Dorman, Dan Dussault, Chandra Free, Erik Gist, Lucas Graciano, Scott Hampton, David Hueso, Joe Jusko, Ken Kelly, Timothy Lantz, Leo Leibelman, Miki, Chris Moeller, Andrew Probert, Brian Rood, Sanjulian, Chris Scalf, Thomas Scioli, David Seidman, Dirk Shearer, Barron Storey and Mark Texeira, Jim Steranko

Publisher: Archaia

Available: Booth #2635

High concept: Archaia's first venture into prose books!

After his spacecraft smashes into the dead sea of an alien planet, a man is separated from his fellow astronauts when a raiding party of intelligent apes attacks them. Captured, he finds himself a prisoner in a world turned upside down, with apes as the rulers and man in its zoos. His only hope is to communicate with a couple of chimpanzee scientists who just might be open-minded and compassionate enough to be sympathetic to his cause. But the man named John Landon will discover that intelligent minds, be they ape or man, all fear the unknown, and his destiny is not to become part of this new world, but instead to find himself under the knife of a simian brain surgeon on the PLANET OF THE APES.

Set during the classic 1968 film, CONSPIRACY OF THE PLANET OF THE APES tells the story of what happened between the scenes and centers on the astronaut Landon, Gorilla police chief Marcus, and Chimpanzee scientist Dr. Milo, and contains over 50 illustrations from various top talents in the industry,

Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, prose book (black and white with color illustrations), 176 pages

Print run: TBA

Price: $24.95

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