SDCC '15: When Larry Marder Broke His Publishing Contract

IMG_20150709_172749104Larry Marder, comic book creator of Beanworld, with a long history across the comic book industry (and dubbed the Nexus of all comic book realities) has a new comic out for San Diego Comic Con. Even if he had to break his deal with Mike Richardson of Dark Horse to do it.

Because Richardson has the rights to publish Marder's Beanworld books, and does so in a serious of gorgeous hardcover volumes which I can recommend as one of my favourite comic books of all time.

But Larry Marder wanted to stay on a self-publishing awards committee. And the only way he could do that as to self publish something. So he has, a behind-the-scenes publication about the creation of Beanworld.

But he told Mike what he was doing. That he would be breaking their contract for this purpose. And Mike didn't flinch. So it's unlikely the lawyers will be on their way.

They do things differently at Dark Horse Comics…


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