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Boris the Bear #1 (Dark Horse, 1986)
Dark Horse Comics publisher and founder Mike Richardson explained the thinking behind Boris the Bear, in an editorial in the first issue "Just a few years ago, a comic book with the title Teenage Radioactive, Blackbelt, Mutant, Ninja Critters would have raised an eyebrow or two More than a few chuckles would probably have followed[...]
Mike Richardson Renames Own Comic Icon As Cloaked
Mike Richardson is the publisher and owner of Dark Horse Comics, and in December will be putting out a comic book he write, drawn by Jordi Armengol It was solicited under the name Icon as a four issue limited series about the return of a masked vigilante after 25 years. Mike Richardson Renames Own Comic Icon[...]
Dark Horse Comics' Full Solicits & Solicitations For December 2021
Mike Richardson, President and Publisher of Dark Horse returns to the keyboard for a new comic book superhero series with Jordi Armengol, The Icon, as Mike Mignola also picks up the pen to draw a post-BPRD book, Sir Edward Grey: Acheron And with Colin Lorimer and Joana Lafuente creating the new series, Daisy Here are[...]
Official: Charles Brownstein Fired By the CBLDF
He used my job and our professional affiliation to achieve this, one of the reasons I quit so early into my career." Shy Allott Talks CBLDF NDA, Mike Richardson Quits Advisory Board. The official logo of the CBLDF.   Shy Allott also recounts "In preparation for SDCC [Comic-Con International], I worked nearly 40 days straight with very few[...]
Humanoids' Mark Waid couldn't make it but Fantagraphics' Gary Groth, Boom Studios' Ross Richie, Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and IDW's Dirk Wood did The stream just wrapped. Along the way, Steve Geppi talked about the importance of communication from retailers, publishers and distributors, recommending that everyone needed to stay in their lane, publisher, retailers, distributors, that[...]
Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition
All the time while launching new self-publishing titles on the back of them. Mike Richardson (Up) Usually when someone sells their company, they go down in the power stakes But a hands-off approach from China to Mike Richardson's Dark Horse, with added investment, has seen Richardson keep control, and make bold, impressive moves through the year.Dark[...]
Dark Horse Celebrates Founder With New Editions of 47 Ronin, Atomic Legion
Dark Horse Comics has announced new editions of two comics written by founder Mike Richardson for publication in 2020 47 Ronin, by Richardson and Stan Sakai, and The Atomic Legion, by Richardson and Bruce Zick, will be available in paperback next Summer The Atomic Legion will hit stores on July 22nd while 47 Ronin will[...]
The Umbrella Academy: Bad Samaritan's Robert Sheehan Offers Updates on Netflix Series
Way, Bluegrass Television and Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg are set to executive produce the pilot, directed by Peter Hoar from a script by Jeremy Slater. Collider Credit: Electric Entertainment During the media day for Brandon Boyce (Apt Pupil) and Dean Devlin's (The Librarians) upcoming thriller Bad Samaritan, actor Robert Sheehan (Mortal Engines, Mute) treated fans[...]
The Umbrella Academy: The Big Short's John Magaro Joins Series
Way, Bluegrass Television and Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and Keith Goldberg are set to executive produce a pilot directed by Peter Hoar from a script by Jeremy Slater. Deadline Hollywood Credit (left): Joe Seer – Shutterstock.com / (right): Dark Horse Comics The Big Short's John Magaro is going from Wall Street crisis to troubles of a slightly more epic (read: global) nature, joining the cast of[...]
Mike Richardson Talks Echoes, A Story 10 Years In The Making
A few weeks back, Dark Horse comics released a new original graphic novel called Echoes from Mike Richardson and Gabriel Guzmán. It's the story of a troubled pilot who, through a freak accident, gets a chance to change a major moment in his life It's the type of story that could easily be taken and made into[...]
Advanced Review – Echoes By Mike Richardson And Gabriel Guzmán
The book is written by the company president and founder Mike Richardson and drawn by artist Garbiel Guzmán The premise of it is simple, Fred Martin suffered from abuse as a child and witnessed a tragedy that affected him for the rest of his life A freak accident gives him the chance to drastically change[...]
Dark Horse Promotes Melissa Lomax To Director Of Marketing
Her focus, to oversee the Marketing department in bookstore and direct market business strategies, digital publishing, promotions, social media, and advertising. Dark Horse's president and publisher Mike Richardson said: Melissa has proven herself to be a great asset to the company Her hard work and dedication have been an example for us all. Melissa worked her way up in[...]
Legend Of Tarzan – The Most Accurate Tarzan Film Made
Legend of Tarzan hit theaters this weekend and is a film that was helped made possible by Dark Horse's Mike Richardson You may be curious how all of that came about… I know I was… so when I had a chance to interview Mr Richardson last month I asked him that very question[...]
SDCC '15: When Larry Marder Broke His Publishing Contract
Even if he had to break his deal with Mike Richardson of Dark Horse to do it. Because Richardson has the rights to publish Marder's Beanworld books, and does so in a serious of gorgeous hardcover volumes which I can recommend as one of my favourite comic books of all time. But Larry Marder wanted to stay on a[...]
And Finally… Mike Richardson To The Rescue Of Sin City's Marv At New York Comic Con
So here's a place to put a few of them. Such as discovering a tipped-over Marv figure at the Dark Horse booth. Much to Mike Richardson's horror. But rapidly rectifying the situation. Alex De Campi at the same booth pulling a Girl power pose. With Dirk Manning, Dean Haspeil, Hannah Means-Shannon and Justin Jordan all trying to make a grab[...]
Preview Dark Horse's New Genre – Visual Cinema In Andrew Vachss: Underground
And it's arriving this week on October 29th. Andrew Vachss: Underground, originally written as a screenplay by Andrew Vachss, then adapted to comics by Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and author Chet Williamson, has been drawn by 2000AD artist Dominic Reardon, and will build on the 3 part series that appeared in Dark Horse Presents to an[...]
Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson Talks About Milo Manara And *That* Spider-Woman Cover
Issues regarding Milo Manara's upcoming Spider-Woman variant cover for Marvel Comics have featured repeatedly on Bleeding Cool, before they were picked up by media across the planet. Mike Richardson, Publisher and owner of Dark Horse Comics, who have been publishing remastered volumes of Manara's erotica, writes for Bleeding Cool.  I've been asked by a number of people[...]
Deep Gravity And Pop From Dark Horse Comics
Announced at ECCC, Dark Horse is publishing Deep Gravity, a new four-part miniseries from Mike Richardson, Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko. Welcome to Poseidon! Gilise MG452, a.k.a "Poseidon," is Earth's deadly sister planet. A planet similar to ours, yet utterly alien, it circles a red dwarf just three years from Earth Maelstrom Science and Technology Corp[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Hellboy Day! With Mike Richardson, Scott Allie And Friends
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode81.mp3] Following on from this week's chat with Mike Mignola (which can still be heard here) – I continue the Hellboy Day celebrations with Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson, Mouse Guard's David Petersen, and editor Scott Allie – as well as Maura McHugh & Kim Newman, who have just been announced as writers on[...]
Dark Horse Presents, Cancelled In May. But Reborn In July.
Publisher Mike Richardson told me, For 3 1/2 years the book has featured  80 pages per month I'm reducing the page count (and price) It will reappear after a one month break in a 48 page format. I am aware that the format and price has been a sticking point for some, even though it appeared to[...]
Pop Culture Hounding Mike Richardson And Geof Darrow (And Dark Horsing Around)
By Chris Thompson [audio:http://popculturehound.net/podcast/PCHPodcastEpisode69.mp3] Following on from last week's chat with Pop Culture Hound's People of the Year – Chris Roberson & Allison Baker from Monkeybrain Comics (which you can listen to here) – Geof Darrow returns along with Mike Richardson to celebrate Episode 69 and Pop Culture Hound's Publisher of the Year … Dark Horse Comics. First[...]