So Where Did MMXI Come From Anyway?

Okay, so the big new X-Men event thing (not to be confused with the current X-Men Age Of X thing) is to be MMXI – Year Of The X-Men, It may well be this that leads into these Cyclops' X-Men and Wolverine's X-Men rumours I'd been hearing.

But why use the Latin? Well, to quote David Puttnam, the British are coming. Mike Carey and Kieron Gillen are writing the main Xbooks.

And Brits are incredibly familiar with Roman numerals for years, pretty much based on the fact the the BBC almost always uses them to denote the copyright date of the programme at the end of the credits. Which, before the millenium, often gave us the likes of MCMLXXXVIII.

And I bet someone came up with this idea watching a BBC show last year and seeing the end of credit number MMX. Shame they couldn't get that even neater title out in time…

UPDATE: Ah balls, it seems plenty of US production houses use Roman numerals on US shows as well – but strangely change them to Arabid numerals when they get sold abroad, where I get to see them. Ah well…

So Where Did MMXI Come From Anyway? So Where Did MMXI Come From Anyway?

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