South Park: Memberberries at San Diego Comic-Con

South Park: Memberberries at San Diego Comic-Con

'Member that time Randy Marsh vomited on me?  O000h, I 'member!

This year marks a full decade of your's truly at San Diego Comic-Con. Over the years, I've seen some inventive, creative, and just plain weird exhibitor booths. This year, South Park topped them all. At their booth, fans of the stalwart Comedy Central series could test their South Park knowledge against others.  The penalty for a wrong answer? A face full of memberberry juice as vomited by Randy Marsh.

Fans of the series will remember memberries as an integral part of season 20. Memberberries were tiny, sentient, grape-like fruits which would wax nostalgic and comfort the eater with recollections of yesteryear. This season parodied the 2016 presidential election, with Mr. Garrison standing in as a Trump surrogate. The season's narrative arc assumed that Hillary would win the election. Donald Trump's surprising upset required the writers to radically change the storyline and scrap several narrative elements, including memberries.

It's curious that the memberries would figure so prominently in South Park's convention floor presence. Perhaps Matt Stone and Trey Parker found a way to integrate them into season 22 (returning September 26th).

I wish you all could be here to experience the great fun I had in this booth.  However, I have the next best thing. See the video below.

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