The Drinking Dead: A Walking Dead Wine Tasting at SDCC

If you've ever watched The Walking Dead and wondered to yourself "I wish I could pair the scene of a walker decorating himself on a fence post with a strong-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon," then you're in luck!

Yesterday I attended a wine tasting hosted by the fine folks at Skybound. The tasting featured a selection of Walking Dead wines produced by The Last Wine Co. I had an opportunity to taste their Cabernet Sauvignon, Blood Red Blend, and Chardonnay. Overall, I found the wines *meh*, but that's not even the best part!

With the help of the Living Labels app, the bottles come alive. But don't take my word for it — see the video below.

This wine is nothing I've ever asked for, but now I can't live without it!

(video courtesy of YouTube Channel Jim Caudill)

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