Speculator Corner: X-Men Legacy #245 and New Mutants #22

It takes a lot for a new Big Two comic book to make it into Speculator Corner. All comic shops carry them, they are a lot easier to get than the latest creator owned Image book, so the rules of demand and supply mean that the prices generally stay near-to cover price.

But it can sometimes mean that untapped mainstream appeal of a Big Two book when it has been underestimated can have an exponential effect.

So let's talk about X-Men Legacy #245 and New Mutants #22. Both underperforming X-Men books. And both following on from Age Of X: Alpha, which was ordered high but sold out at a distributor level well before the book shipped to retailers. A second print is being rushed through Marvel as we speak, with Marvel getting the printer to print the book over the weekend to be in stores  next week.

And these two follow up X-Men comics, also coming out next week, suddenly look very underordered indeed.

Will you get a copy? Did you preorder?

Of course, speculators beware. The lifetime of such possible demand bumps can be short lived. Get in at $2.99, get out at $10. And also, don'r believe a word I've said.

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