The Live Action Jonny Quest Movie Is Not Dead


We haven't heard much about Peter Segal's live action adaptation of 1960s cartoon Jonny Quest, but speaking to Coming Soon recently about his new movie Grudge Match, the director insists it's very much still in the works.

In fact, it may even be his next movie, Segal says:

I would love to make that my next movie…We just hired a writer to do another pass. We already have a very good script. Then we go through budgeting hell and trying to get it into shape.

Back in 2008, Zac Efron had been circling the role of Johnny – clearly aged up from age 11 in the cartoon – who went on epic adventures around the world with his genius scientist dad and adopted best friend Hadji Singh and their bodyguard Race Brannon. Dwayne Johnson had been in talks for that role.

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