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Wednesday Runaround – So Who Owns Phoenix Anyway?

AtlasWatch: The grandson of Marvel founder Martin Goodman, Jason Goodman, is to relaunch the brand of classic comics publisher Atlas, republishing characters  The Grim Ghost and Phoenix, launching at the New York Comic Con, working with Richard Emms and JM Dematteis at Ardden.

Wednesday Runaround – So Who Owns Phoenix Anyway? Wednesday Runaround – So Who Owns Phoenix Anyway?

Hmm. I wonder if he'll have a trademark fight with one of those…

NewsWatch: The Wall Street Journal interviews Mike Richardson of Dark Horse Comics.

You need a great deal of optimism, almost to the point of blindness to the facts of reality. And you need confidence to get around whatever it is that's blocking you. When I opened the first store, everybody freaked out except my wife. The first day, the store did $8.37. But every day was better than the last. Once the store started doing well, I said I wanted to start a publishing company, and everybody freaked out again. When I said I'd make movies, they freaked out again. Now, they don't say much. I was told growing up I could do anything I wanted. I worry sometimes that that message isn't out there anymore, because it really is true.

FanWatch: Corey Taylor of Slipknot talks about The Walking Dead and his favourite comics.

Oh yeah dude! Totally! That's probably one of the best comics to come out in the last five years. It's just fantastic! I've got all the trades and I try to keep up on it as much as possible, even with my schedule. But yeah, that's some of the best writing I've ever had the privilege of reading. It's up there with some of Ennis' work, Warren Ellis' work, and it's just a fantastic comic!

StoreWatch: A now comic shop Comics Cubed is to open in downtown Kokomo, Howard County, courtesy of a $15,000 loan from local government.

RudeWatch: Trailer for the STEVE RUDE (Nexus) Documentary.

BC ComicChron This is The Bleeding Cool ComicChron Robot speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

Comics movies hit a slump –

"There does definitely seem to be a fatigue of superhero properties, or comic book properties," says Cameron Stewart, an Eisner Award-winning comic book creator. "If it's a big movie like Iron-Man with recognizable stars in it, then people are still interested in it, because it's something that's recognizable. Whereas something like Scott Pilgrim or Kick-Ass, which have these smaller, more obscure characters in indie comics and featuring not A-list stars, people are getting a little bored of it, because a lot of superhero movies tend to be the same thing."

ICv2 – Cartoon Books to Publishers Group West

Cartoon Books provided an explanation for shifting its bookstore distribution from Diamond Book Distributors to Publishers Group West.  "We felt that the best way to reach the full potential of both Bone and Rasl was to make a change," a spokesperson said.  "We're making the switch because even though Diamond (Book Distributors) has been an excellent distributor for many years, we have recently had numerous problems that were not addressed with the urgency we would have liked."

"HACK/SLASH" "illustrated film" coming from "GODKILLER" creator

With a live-action film version of the comic book HACK/SLASH having been in development for some time now (THE GRUDGE's Stephen Susco is the latest scribe on it; see his comments here), it looks like the saga of Cassie Hack, currently being published by Image Comics, may hit the screen first as an animated feature. Halo-8 Entertainment, the folks behind the recent GODKILLER, are behind this project.

First Look: Iron Man: Titanium | Underwire |

Tony Stark tangles with metal foes far larger than his badass armored self in upcoming comic book Iron Man: Titanium. Issue No. 1 — with four new stories from writers Adam Warren, Mark Haven Britt, Matteo Casali and Tim Fish with art by Salva Espin, Nuno Alves, Steve Kurth and Filipe Andrade — hits stores Oct. 6, but you can get a sneak peek in the panels above.

WB Considering Jon Hamm for Superman

With plans set for a December 2012 release, we've heard different names out in the open ranging from Chuck star Zachary Levi in the "Rumor Mill" department to True Blood actor Joe Manganiello publicly campaigning for the role. But who do the studios (in this case, Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures) have their eye on for mild-mannered Clark Kent and his red-and-blue suit wearing alter ego, or is it the other way around? Sources tell TMT one such actor being "seriously considered" is Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

Notion Ink Adam a week ahead of schedule, adds comic book store and replaceable battery 'concept' — Engadget

If you ask us, the whole Adam tablet is a concept until Notion Ink delivers something other than promises, but things are looking up for the less jaded among you. Rohan Shravan has updated the world on the Adam's latest condition, disclosing a new replaceable battery 'concept' and the addition of a comic book store. We're not sure whether that means the final retail unit will or won't have a user-swappable cell, but at least we now know that both the Pixel Qi- and LCD-equipped variants of the Adam will share one body design.

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