Wednesday Trending Topics: The Case Of The Disappearing Flash

Poor Jay Garrick.  Not unlike one of today's mysterious topics, his already-drawn adventures have had a way of not making it to the printed page since the 1940's, it seems. Take the case of the page fragment shown below: It's part of a Carmine Infantino Flash story drawn in 1949, which was written off and slated to be destroyed by DC after his titles had been cancelled in the waning days of the Golden Age.  Fortunately, the crafty staffer who was told to do the deed opted to cut the pages into salvageable strips, leaving us with a few hints as to what might have been. Coincidence? I think not.


Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

This Is Not The Green Arrow Comic You Were Expecting 

So Ann Nocenti has joined Green Arrow with this week's issue. And it is rather a shot in the arm. What was considered a rather humdrum book has now turned batshit crazy.

And Finally… Nightcrawler And His Other Tail

That's as may be, Leinil. But it also looks a little like Nightcrawler is rather… excited to be going into battle.

Was Jay Garrick Whisked Away From The Shade?

I love original comic book art. Each page has a story tell. Occasionally a different story to that which was printed.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

VIDEO: A New, Almost One Hour Interview With Tim Burton 

La Cinémathèque Francais have started their Tim Burton retrospective with an extended "masterclass" session, and it has now been made available online by Arte.

Leaked Storybook Drops Substantial Spoilers For The Avengers

There are two kids of movie fans, the type that want to experience every twist and turn of the plot as fresh and unsullied as possible, and the kind that needs to know EVERYTHING.

Doctor Who is Headed to the Old West for New Episode, More Details of Next Series 

Last month, a comment on the Bleeding Cool forum seemed to be giving us good information on an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. It wasn't possible to get an official confirmation or denial at the time, though the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine has just rolled off the presses and corroborates some of the details nicely.


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