Retailers Can Now Buy More Copies of DC Previews – For Some Reason

Mentioned by Diamond Comic Distributors at ComicsPRO in Charlotte, North Carolina, comic book retailers are now able to order more copies of DC Previews – at a price.

Currently, DC Previews, the separate magazine listing the upcoming solicitations from the comics publisher to the direct market, comes with a free copy of DC Previews. That's how people do things now, after Marvel also got their own Marvel Previews.

But it seems that some retailers wanted more copies of DC Previews than… Previews.

So Diamond and DC Comics are letting retailers order additional print copies, starting with the July 2019 edition, on top of the ones they get with the standard Previews catalogue.

However, they can also still download the PDF for free, and give that to people if they wish.

I am not sure how much demand there is for additional DC Previews. But it appears that there must be some. And now it is being catered to. Please, feel free to educate me as to the ways and the whys.

Comic books – the industry in which people pay good money for the advertisements.

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