REVIEW: Finger Guns #2 — "Waiting For Something To Go Right"

The extraordinary element of extraordinary power that made the last issue sparkle fell to the wayside in this second issue. The two teens with the mysterious ability to fire energy from their titular hand gestures had less chance to wield their ability, literally misfiring in both moments of crisis and ones without stress at pivotal plot points without explanation. What remains, plot-wise, is a passable if undistinguished character vignette, comparing and contrasting sub-optimal home lives and problematic parental relationships over video games and solitude.

Finger Guns #2 Cover- Vault Comics, creative team: Justin Richards, Val Halvorson, Rebecca Nalty, Taylor Esposito
Finger Guns #2 Cover- Vault Comics, creative team: Justin Richards, Val Halvorson, Rebecca Nalty, Taylor Esposito

That slow-paced development in the script, combined with a color palette as drab as I-55 heading into the bootheel, makes this issue feel languid and unrushed in a way that burns more pages than most indies can afford, attention spans being what they are. Here, you'll find yourself waiting for something to go right much more than being concerned about anything going wrong with this sophomore issue that entrances from the cover but fails to capture beyond that. Maybe that kind of "Allentown," middle American ennui vibe is what you're looking for. Since so many people live it every day, that kind of waiting isn't necessarily worth paying for, given so many thrilling choices available elsewhere. At least the cover design and trade dressing are striking in a muted, almost Allred-ian fashion. RATING: MEH.

(W) Sabs Cooper, Justin Richards (A/CA) Val Halvorson
"The darker side of home life has Sadie pushing Wes to help discover more about their powers. The true discovery ends up being a friendship built-in no small part-around Bryan Adams sing-a-longs and a dog named Chester. If only the good days could stop the bad."

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