REVIEW: X-Men #7 — "An Ambitious Issue That Will Be Discussed"

(Marvel Comics, creative team: Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho and Clayton Cowles)

Chuck full of philosophical ponderings and ineffable questions, this issue is heavy on concept and light on actual happenings. Imagine, if you will, that you took a message board discussion of the morality and theories behind mutant resurrection, a core element of this rebooted reality for the children of the atom, and made a whole book about it. Lots of talking, lots of questions, but not really any answers. The Crucible is a proposed answer to Wanda Maximoff's fatal three words of crossovers past, and it's either barbaric or glorious, horrible or a miracle, depending on how the light hits it at a certain time. Writer Jonathan Hickman has clearly wrestled with the different points of view here, preparing every side of the argument as well as any veteran from the Junior Statesmen of America. The stoicism of the visuals from Yu, Gho and Cowles are less impressive, with even the fight scene having a detached feeling where it seems to be stretching for cinematic. This is an ambitious issue that will be discussed, but not really a source of entertainment in and of itself. RATING: HONORABLE MENTION.

REVIEW: X-Men #7 -- "An Ambitious Issue That Will Be Discussed"X-MEN #7
JONATHAN HICKMAN (W) • Leinil Francis Yu (A/C)
The Resurrection Protocols have changed everything for Mutantkind. NO MORE can humans' hate and fear take their lives from them. But … what ELSE has it changed?

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