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Lights dim, Avengers NOW! logo, enter Nick Lowe! Followed by Axel AlonsoRick RemenderJason Aaron, the absent Nick Spencer, and Nathan Edmonson. Let's have a chat about change.

Low runs down the Sara Pichelli Avengers NOW! artwork before running down the changes to Captain America.

"Who's it gonna be?" they joke. We laugh.

Everything in both of Remender's books are leading up to this big change and also to AXIS.

Nick Lowe introduces a brand new Adam Hughes cover to Captain America #25, as well as the previously seen Steve McNiven cover.

In comes Nick Spencer, "Arriving late like one of his scripts," quips Alonso.

Remender returns to Captain America and why Sam Wilson is the logical character to take up the mantle of Captain America.

"I think it speaks to a modern sensibility and a modern audience," Remender says.

They then announced Captain America and the Mighty Avengers, a relaunch of the Mighty Avengers book with Al Ewing and Luke Ross, that sees Sam Wilson join the book.

After hyping the Winter Soldier series, they ask Nick Spencer about the Avengers World title.

Edmondson talks up the new Deathlok series with Mike Perkins.

"I think he (Mike Perkins) would have knee-capped me if I didn't give him the book," Alonso said of the artist's excitement.

Jason Aaron revealed the new Thor is actually Aunt May. She is truly Worthy.

Aaron wanted to see Thor and how he loses his ability to wield Mjolnir. "I thought it was a real opportunity to have a female carry that hammer. Not just pick it up, but carry it."

He reiterates that Odinson, Odin, no one knows who she is, and she'll be carrying it for a long time to come. Uh Huh.

Angela: Asgard's Assassin by Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett, Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans is announced.

Respectfully we informed you of this at an earlier juncture.

Now they're talking about Tom Taylor and Yildiray Cidnar's Superior Iron Man.

"Tony's always being a bit of a prick," Axel says. New gear, new Extremis App, and a new Alex Ross cover are all showcased.

The Q&A begins. A question about OG Thor is asked and if he will get his own book. No, it's all a part of Aaron's overall story.

The next question is asked about the relationship of the Builders from Infinity and the Celestials, who both serve the same purpose. Lowe said to  "think of them as your mom and your dad, always fighting."

Any new villains in Avengers NOW!? Lowe said there are many new villains, pointing to Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. Alonso says they're discussing a story about spurring new villains and that plans are in place.

"We're still building things with Steve, but Sam's gotta be the focus." Remender says of the former Cap. "He's helping keep an eye on everything… Steve is still gonna be in the book for the duration of it."

The writers were asked about sharing characters and how they have to ask the other writers what stories they're telling in their books. Remender recalls a long conversation with Aaron about Odinson and New Thor and why she won't be in the book, while he will. It's all about their stories they're telling.

Edmundson talks about why Black Widow works best solo, and its because that's the world she lives in and that's the character she is. But he teases some exciting stuff and Alonso hints that the Avengers might not like what she's doing in her spare time.

A kid asks if his favorite character, Steve Rogers, could once again become Nomad, but Remender says that a new character is going to take up that role.

"If you've ever fantasized about your favorite superhero becoming a frail old man, now's the time!" Alonso said.

Another fan asks why they didn't give Sif a book instead of changing Thor? Aaron says, "I'm glad you've asked that question." He says he didn't want to create a 'Robin' for Thor who could take up the mantle of Thor. He wants to make a new Thor.

Alonso says he's read the Avengers: Age of Ultron film script, and tells a young Hulk fan there are many great Hulk moments. "They turn him into an old man."

A fan asks if we're going to see a Disney Princess Thor? "If that were to happen I think I'm the person to write it," Aaron said.

When asked about the corpse of the Living Tribunal in New Avengers, they didn't have an answer but mentioned that the Moon seems to be a good place to die in the Marvel Universe.

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