Secrets Of The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe… Skrulls, Kree, Mutants And Inhumans

So, we have the mutants. And the Inhumans. And the Terrigen Mist that triggers the latter, killing the former. Possibly due to the new physical structure of the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe that has seen ISO-8 become stable in normal space. How is that going down?

Well in New Avengers, which we already commented on for it's Kree/Skrull hookups, not well for Sunspot. But confirmation that Squirrel Girl, not being a mutant, is immune…


In Extraordinary X-Men, Sinister is trying to make a mutant who is immune to the Inhuman gases – and may have succeeded with one.

While Moon Girl is trying to reverse the Terrigen process entirely using Kree technology the race that spawned the Inhumans….


Could we get a Moon Girl/Mr Sinister team up? There are more and more, including a new gay co-lead in Hellcat…



And possibly the big bad in Daredevil.

Daredevil (2015-) 002-017

Meanwhile, one wizard in New Avengers is counting how many universe he has survived.

Just because Mr Fantastic is dead, doesn't mean his tech can't live on in Deadpool.IMG_0067

The new Falcon is coming in Captain America


And the British Museum is this universe is… just like the one in mine in Amazing Spider-Man! IMG_0081

Thank you Wikipedia!


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently  showcasing the work of the artists involved with  Avery Hill, a publishing company based in South London.

AveryHillExhibitionThanks to Matt Krotzer for the sense-amend…


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