Selling Rob Granito's Deadpool And Lingerie Harley Quinn On eBay

s-l1600 (7)Recent readers of Bleeding Cool may be mystified by the occasional mentions of a certain Rob Granito. A creator of comic-book inspired art sold at comic conventions, he claimed impressive credits for himself that were eventually exposed as fabrications, he claimed that he'd created work that he appeared to have scanned and printed, and others that he just swiped without credit for the original creators. His antics were first exposed by Bleeding Cool, after which writing about Rob became a bit of a cottage industry.

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As claim after claim were scotched, comic book creators and shows came out against him. He was then the target of a far more serious threat, the comic industry conman Josh Hoopes.

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But occasionally examples of his actual art make it to the marketplace. And eBay seller alidaycare (who did not respond to inquiries made over the weekend), previously specialising in selling action figures, seems to have come across a job lot of Granito's prints. And some of these even seem to be of his original compositions.

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Not everything obviously.



Thank you Bruce Timm (below)



But if anyone wants a true slice of comic book history…


…they're going for $15.

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