Seven Secrets #8 Review: Pulse-Pounding Action

With a gigantic dose of pulse-pounding action, this deeply mythic series is back with raised stakes and effective storytelling. The character building of previous issues has to take a back seat for a six-pack of kicking butt, opened and sprayed everywhere, but Seven Secrets #8 is still one heck of an enjoyable ride.

Seven Secrets #8 Review: Pulse-Pounding Action
Seven Secrets #8 Cover. Credit: BOOM! Studios

The Order has been charged with keeping seven briefcases secure and hidden from the world via seven pairs of Holders (who have the actual briefcases) and Keepers (bruisers charged with protecting the case and the Holder in question). A group called Seekers, led by Amon (not the one from Legend of Korra) wants to spill the tea and unveil the secrets for the world. This led to a hugely bloody conflict in Switzerland that literally leaves the entire world changed in its wake and the surviving Holders and Keepers on their heels and on the run.

Tom Taylor does so many fun things in this script, from a bit about tour busses to orchestrating moments for fantastic action, delivered deftly by Daniele Di Nicuolo, Walter Baiamonte, Katia Ranalli, and Ed Dukeshire. The globe-spanning scope of the story and its implications are big and impressive in the extreme. We discover a new class of Order members, Operators, taking care of disparate safehouses secreted around the world. Amon wrestles with his own sense of loss and frustration at not having his orders followed. Chase scenes, fight scenes, they move with such wonderful detail and kinetic energy that it's hard to believe these are still images.

You won't get as good a sense of who the players are on the field — the first story arc will take care of you if that's what you need — but Seven Secrets #8 is interesting, thrilling storytelling happening a breakneck speed. RATING: BUY.

Seven Secrets #8
By Tom Taylor, Daniele Di Nicuolo
The Order has managed to find their way through the land of Faerie, but danger awaits them on the other side. After experiencing such loss, can Caspar continue to keep his vow as a Holder to protect the Secrets before all else?

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