Sneak Peaks at Uncanny X-Men #2-#10 for #XMenMonday

Rejoice! The holiest of holidays for X-Men Fans, X-Men Monday, has come around again, and after two weeks of shirking his duties like some kind of heathen, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has come through with looks at all 9 of the upcoming issues of Uncanny X-Men's X-Men Disassembled story arc! White, we take back almost every bad thing we've ever said about you!

Here you go, one panel from each of the upcoming issues:

Here they are, extracted from the tweets:

So what's up with Rockslide then?

And as a bonus, the always reliable X-Men Monday devotee Kelly Thompson shared a panel from December's Mr. and Mrs. X #6:

Well, it's good to see things getting back on track with X-Men Monday. Hopefully we won't have to suffer through another hiatus in the near future.

Uncanny X-Men #2 hits stores this Wednesday. See a preview here, and read a recap of Uncanny X-Men #1 here.


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