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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #3 Review: Enthralling Mystery

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Too Long A Sacrifice has delivered two issues so far, perfectly capturing the voice and feel of the classic sci-fi TV series in a thrilling, whodunnit mystery comic. Now, we're in the penultimate issue of this series, scripted by longtime Trek writers Scott Tipton & David Tipton, drawn by Greg Scott, colored by Felipe Sobreiro, and lettered by Neil Uyetake. Let's check it out.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #3 cover. Credit: IDW Publishing
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #3 cover. Credit: IDW Publishing

This was another terrific issue of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, focusing on Odo's investigation of the murders happening at the station. This time, Starfleet has complicated things for the good Constable, hiring their own investigator, Retlaw, to lead the case. This issue's major fun is watching the two clash and trade passive-aggressive barbs here and there under the guise of niceties, but Retlaw brings more than just new conflict to the table. The issue starts with an emotional, beautifully written, and drawn flashback to Retlaw's past. One thing about the art in this scene, too, is that generally sepia is overused for flashbacks to a ridiculous extent, but these orange and golden pages make it work. The tones of the flashback are totally washed in the colors of autumn, giving it both a warm tone and a bit of visual symbolism to boot.

The Tiptons' writing in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Too Long A Sacrifice is every bit as good as the series's title is long. As the mystery deepens, the reader is sure to come up with their own suspects (I have mine), but I was a bit taken off guard to learn this was the penultimate issue. It would be great to see Scott and David Tipton write more Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics because they've beautifully captured the feel of the series here. The team of artist Scott, colorist Sobreiro, and letter Uyetake also get better with every issue, bringing the Tiptons' story to life in a way that would make any Trek fan eager for more.

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