Star Wars #7 Review: Very Engaging Storytelling

This issue takes a close look at an Imperial commander who lost her guiding star and knows exactly who is to blame. Ellian Zahra is a ruthlessly competent Imperial officer, known by some of the biggest names in the power structure and hell-bent on ending Leia Organa. With effective flashbacks that deftly danced between the raindrops of the original trilogy, Zahra becomes one of the best fleshed out new canon characters since the Sho-Torun queen.

Star Wars #7 Review: Very Engaging Storytelling
The cover of Star Wars #7. Credit: Marvel
This Charles Soule script also spends time with lots of favorites — the stressed-out Krennic, the mildly interested Vader, and a great deal of time with Tarkin, Zahra's unforgiving mentor. Through murderous lessons, he teaches her to follow the ruthless path that led him to the highest ranks of the Empire. She has a harrowing brush with the Rebellion that forever cements her adherence to Tarkin's way, and it's very engaging storytelling.
The artwork from Ramon Rosanas, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Clayton Cowles is fantastic, immersing the reader in corners of the franchise that are new but feel familiar. Moments aboard the Death Star, a hunt on Tarkin's homeworld, hunting a rogue warlord in the mid rim. This all feels like Star Wars, and with such crystal clear characterization on such a forceful and determined protagonist, this issue gives you a lot to chew on.

While telling the tale of this Imperial commander who threatens to scuttle the Rebellion in the skies, it introduces new ideas and expands the palette enjoyably. RATING: BUY.

Star Wars #7

By Charles Soule, Jesus Saiz, R.B. Silva
SHE WILL HAVE REVENGE! COMMANDER ELLIAN ZAHRA has been tasked by the terrifying DARTH VADER with the job of tracking down the remnants of the REBEL FLEET, scattered since the BATTLE OF HOTH. From the bridge of her flagship the TARKIN'S WILL, she hunts the galaxy, eradicating all resistance, her secret goal to destroy LEIA ORGANA. But why such hate for the PRINCESS OF ALDERAAN? The truth will be REVEALED!

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