Steve Orlando and Travel Foreman to Revive Jack Kirby's Great Disaster with Electric Warriors

Tying in OMAC to Kamandi, The Great Disaster as envisioned by Jack Kirby for DC Comics was a cataclysmic event of global proportions which eradicated civilized society on Earth-AD. OMAC was an attempt to stop it, Kamandi dealt with the world after it.

And in November, Steve Orlando and Travel Foreman are going to show what happened afterwards with Electric Warriors, which would one day become the Legion of Superheroes.

In 2735, the Earth emerges from the Great Disaster to rejoin the galaxy, finding a universe teetering on the brink of galactic war. To forestall Armageddon, interplanetary conflicts are settled through Trial by Combat, with diplomatic gladiators known as Electric Warriors. Against the bloody battlefield of the dead Sector 666, these lone warriors sacrifice their lives to ensure that their worlds may live in an always-fragile peace.

Orlando is quoted by DC as saying:

"Like Overwatch or Battle Royale, ELECTRIC WARRIORS will feature a team of unique, memorable leads representing a wide spectrum of readers in a setting rife with danger and adventure. This is the unexplored future of Jack Kirby's DC Universe, rising from the Great Disaster of Kamandi. If the Legion of Superheroes is the universe's Age of Enlightenment, the setting of ELECTRIC WARRIORS is more akin to the Dark Ages."

Electric Warriors is a six-issue monthly miniseries debuting in November.

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