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I Am Batman #0 Sketches
In August's new series, I Am Batman, we see Jace Fox hitting the streets of Gotham in the new suit, being the Next Batman, and all part of the new Fear State crossover. And Bleeding Cool also has a little look at some of the pencils for I Am Batman #0 by John Ridley and Travel[...]
Image to Collect Rob Williams, Trevor Hairsine, and Travel Foreman's Cla$$war in July
Image Comics has announced plans to collect acclaimed indie superhero comic Cla$$war by Rob Williams, Trevor Hairsine, and Travel Foreman as a trade paperback next July Originally published by British comic book publisher Com.x in 2002, Williams points out in a press release that the comic "feels more pertinent now" due to "liars, charlatans, and[...]
Travel Foreman, Niko Henrichon Join Donny Cates's Marvel Knights Revamp
Travel Foreman will draw the first issue, with Niko Henrichon drawing Marvel Knights #2 Geoff Shaw is doing the regular covers, with a series of variants by Jae Lee. Marvel dropped some more details on all the fanfare accompanying the series on the 20th anniversary of Marvel Knights: And this is just the beginning of a massive[...]
Astonishing X-Men Annual #1 cover by Rod Reis
It's a comic with a complex plot attempting to convey complex emotions, and I think it's largely successful in this endeavor. Travel Foreman does an excellent job of capturing the subtler moments of this comic with his detailed and uniquely stylized aesthetic It captures a darker atmosphere, and it serves the aim of the narrative well[...]
Tales of Suspense #104 cover by Yasmine Putri
It still leads to a creative and fun action scene; it just seems to contradict what the book was going for in its message. Tales of Suspense #104 art by Travel Foreman and Rachelle Rosenberg Travel Foreman and Rachelle Rosenberg pull off another gorgeous issue with Tales #104 The aforementioned action scenes are punch and look great[...]
Black Widow Tales of Suspense #103 cover by Andrea Sorrentino
Hopefully, the final issue won't ruin this by explaining too much. Ursa Major makes an appearance too, and he's surprisingly one of the most charming characters in the book. The finale is a more true-to-form comic book cliffhanger that is intended to be shocking but actually can't be what it appears. Tales of Suspense #103 art by Travel[...]
Tales of Suspense #102 cover by Yasmine Putri
It's impressive given how asinine the majority of this issue is. Tales of Suspense #102 art by Travel Foreman and Rachelle Rosenberg Travel Foreman continues to bring a gritty, realistic, yet fluid world to this comic He is great at displaying expression and action, and the comic benefits greatly from his presence Meanwhile, Rachelle Rosenberg's color art[...]
Tales of Suspense #101 cover by Andrea Sorrentino
However, this is still a superhero comic. Again, the interactions between Bucky and Clint make up for the comic's shortcomings and reading about these characters working together is delightful. Tales of Suspense #101 art by Travel Foreman and Rachelle Rosenberg The fight scenes are really solid and high energy Travel Foreman is really skilled at depicting movement and[...]
Tales of Suspense #100 cover by Marco Checchetto
A lot of Hawkeye's meandering and searching could have been abbreviated, and nothing would have been lost. Travel Foreman does some great work here His style is highly detailed, and he makes the Winter Soldier look freaking awesome He's also good at showing Hawkeye's somewhat disorganized fighting style He does look like he trips into most[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Ultimates Squared #100 from Marvel Comics by Al Ewing, Travel Foreman, Filipe Andrade, Marco Lorenzana, Scott Hanna and Dan Brown with Matt Yackey brings to a conclusion Ewing's long-running plot that has run through numerous iterations of the series, and connections through his other works at Marvel. In fact, it's fair to say Ewing has[...]
Ultimates Squared #9 Review: Literal Existential Crisis
It's fun to try to parcel out the implications of what is happening as well as what is technically happening. Getting to see the Eternity Watch unite and fight against the forces of the First Firmament is really cool, and Travel Foreman, an artist who has always had style that leans on the existential side, brings[...]
Civil War II: Spider-Man By Gage And Foreman Announced At C2E2
Announced at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast ahead of C2E2 this morning, the second spin-off series of Civil War II, to follow Civil War II: X-Men, will be Civil War II: Spider-Man, launching in June, and by Christos Gage and Travel Foreman with covers from Khary Randolph. And it looks like he has divided loyalties on this[...]
The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Is Coming To Comic Shops – Preview
We have an extended preview of the standard format by Jen Van Meter and Roberto De La Torre with a cover by Travel Foreman But we also have some pages from the Plus Edition that is for Valiant's pullbox customers The Plus Edition adds work by Tim Siedell, Raul Allen, Wilfredo Torres and Dylan Todd[...]
Steve Pugh Back On Animal Man At DC Comics
If a bit lumpy when put in a portfolio. And while he's worked on many comics since, including wonderful recent painted work oHotwire, his Animal Man work still stands out as a shining beacon of comics work, especially compared to the work it stood against then. And now, in March, he"s back on Animal Man, creating the[...]