Super Sikh Comics Need A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action


Created by Eileen Alden and Supreet Singh Manchanda & Illustrated by Amit Tayal. Kickstarter through Feb. 4th, Publishing March 2015. Super Sikh: loves Elvis, hates bad guys! Justice wears a turban in this new Kickstarter comic, and Super Sikh is on a mission to kick evil's ass. Help us reach our stretch goals on Kickstarter, and Super Sikh will WEAR A BLEEDING COOL T-SHIRT in the comic!

Eileen Alden writes,

Come meet our new superhero – Secret Agent Deep Singh, aka "Super Sikh", in his first comic book series. At night, he's on undercover missions destroying the plans of evil villains. By day, he's working a technology job as a cover. Quite frankly, he's exhausted. Deep Singh decides to take his dream vacation to see Elvis Presley's Graceland. However, one particularly crazy gang of Taliban evil-doers decides to make it their mission to follow him to the United States and get rid of him once and for all.

What's a Sikh? Well, describes Sikhism as "one of the most badass religions this side of Valhalla." It's the 5th largest religion with 20+ million followers not just in India but all over the world. Its values are equality and justice for all people, regardless of gender, race, caste, or creed. We're the Co-Creators, Eileen Alden and Supreet Singh Manchanda. We're both Sikhs and can vouch for this.

So it sounds like a perfect setting for a superhero backstory, right? We think so!

However…some people have told us that all you readers are going to see is a guy in a turban, and you won't think he's a hero. Instead, you'll think of a word that starts with "T" and we don't mean "teatime."

But we figure it's not the first case where comics flipped the script on what a hero looks like. Hellboy is spawned from hell. Wolverine is a mutant. The Tick, is well, a Tick, sort of, maybe. But they are all totally NOT villains!

When you read our awesome comic you're going to move past stereotypes about what people wear on their heads. Instead, you'll focus on what's IN their heads and coming out of their mouths through the little speech bubbles. And, you'll focus on our awesome art from Amit Tayal, a comic-con India award winning artist for the past 3 years. Tayal shows you in 23 full-color pages how Deep Singh's got the crew, moves, gadgets, cleverness and most of all the heart to thwart even the baddest of the bad, delivering justice worldwide.

So now, in the immortal words of Elvis, it's time for "a little LESS conversation, a little MORE action." This is where YOU come in.

We met our goal in 36 hours allowing us to raise just enough money to produce Issue #1, "Takeoff and Landing". Now, we're over seventy-five percent of the way to our first stretch goal which will allow us to produce Issue #2, "Viva Las Vegas".

Our challenge for all you Bleeding Cool fans out there in blogland. Sign up, pledge and get the comics or some other cool reward, and if we meet our first stretch goal by the end of this weekend, we'll commemorate the event by making sure Super Sikh is seen wearing a Bleeding Cool T-shirt in one of our pages.

Help get Super Sikh to Vegas, baby! "Thank you. Thank-you-very-much."


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