When The Taliban Put A Bounty On The Writer Of Batman

The news this weekend was full of the word that Russia offered bounties to Taliban members in Afghanistan for killing UK and US troops, that the US government have known this since March, but have done nothing about it. All the while, still attending meetings with Russia at international summits, and pushing for Russia to be readmitted into the G8. The story was initially published by the New York Times but has been followed up and confirmed by a plurality of news sources.

Tom King, in Iraq in 2004.
Tom King, in Iraq in 2004. Courtesy of King.

One openly former CIA member who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now-writer for DC Comics, including a recent five year run as lead Batman writer, Tom King put it plainly on Twitter.

I had a Taliban bounty on my head once. Never occurred to me that a U.S. President might be cool with it. What a cowardly piece of sh-t he is.

Tom Ward, writer of Merrick The Sensational Elephant Man replied "Wow the Taliban must have REALLY hated that Bat/Cat stuff."

Mark Russell, who has also been writing digital Batman comics for DC Comics lately, also replied to the same story with a little more snark. "When I read "Russian Spy Unit", I thought this was going to be a story about OANN". He also replied to Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the few high-profile Republicans to speak out about the report, tweeting a message that it's "imperative" Congress investigate the report and for the "Trump Administration to take such allegations seriously". Russell replied "Oh, so now you care about Russian collusion?"

Tom King is currently writing the Strange Adventure comic, the upcoming Batman/Catwoman series and the upcoming New Gods movie, all for DC. Mark Russell writes sporadically for DC, the Second Coming comic from AfterShock and wrote the insanely relevant Marvels Snapshot: Captain America published this past week.

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