Tampa Bay's Emerald City Comics Celebrates 25 Years

By Christopher Helton

It isn't every day that a comic store makes it to twenty five years, and this past weekend local comic store Emerald City Comics wrapped up a month long celebration of reaching this milestone. This weekend's party was a tie-in to the new Batman-related television show Gotham that aired this past week.

2014-09-27 10.56.10

In addition to inviting area cosplayers, the store also had a garage sale of games, comics and action figures, and a sale on Batman comics and merchandise.  Emerald City Comics gets a lot right and has become the comics and pop culture destination for the area. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and they always have whatever I have come looking for on hand. Since I returned to the Bay area a few years ago, Emerald City Comics has become my local comic store. A recent consolidation of their two locations into one central location has allowed them to open up a larger store than both of their previous locations, with more room for comics, collections, toys and merchandise of all sorts.

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Comic stores can come and go, so it is good to see one that is able to thrive during economic conditions that have killed off other retail operations.

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