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DC and Marvel Offer Retailer Exclusive Covers For February To April
DC Comics has issues details of the comic books that will be made available for retailer exclusive covers for April 2020 To get an exclusive retailer cover from Marvel or DC, shops, shows or creators have to order a minimum of 3000 copies, with subsequent variants of the variant at 1500 and 1000 They pay[...]
Other History Of The DCU Retailer Variants For Black History Month
DC Comics are majorly upping their retailer exclusive cover variant opportunities in February Sometimes you get one a month, occasionally you get two, but for the 28 days of February 2021, you get three I can see why DC is stepping up their numbers, basically you add thousands of sales, someone else does all of[...]
Marvel Entertainment and NetEase Announce New Collaboration
Before the shutdown, Marvel Comics was soliciting for retailers to order exclusive retailer covers for a bunch of upcoming comics They were all pretty much abandoned, and no more have been seen for quite some time Now for November, as in October, Marvel appears to be bringing them back, full speed ahead. To get a retailer[...]
ReedPOP Runs Virtual Retailer Day This Thursday
Comic book retailers are used to going to comic book conventions to be feted by publishers and distributors, fed and watered and given free swag Well, so many of those opportunities have gone this year, especially the big two, the San Diego Comic-Con Friday Retailer Lunch in one of the bits of the San Diego[...]
Retailers, Put Your Comic Store Logo in the World of Blader Runner
Okay, so the Diamond Retail Summit 2019 in Las Vegas kick off tomorrow, where comic book publishers, creators, activist groups and Diamond Comic Distributors all pitch up to talk about the comics industry with comic book retailers from around the world (but mostly North America) So today, and all weekend long, expect a lot of[...]
Diamodn Retailer Summit Las Vegas
Can you make it to the Diamond Retailer Summit in Las Vegas? Are you even a comic book retailer? Either way, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, you can fantasise about being one Jetting in, checking in to your hotel, looking at all the enticements that the gambling capital of the world has on offer, the show,[...]
Auto Draft
It's going to be an interesting Diamond Retailer Summit this weekend And DC Comics is throwing up a number of announcements in advance – some of which they didn't quite expect yet I hear that meant some early morning phone calls Anyway, this is what they were expecting to announce today – and just have, A[...]
ComicHub to Look Down On Comics Industry at Diamond Summit in Nevada
"We wanted to give retailers an alternative to the programming that many of them have seen before and create a space where publishers and retailers alike can meet and relax,"  said Atom! Freeman, ComicHub's sales guy and official host. The Suite will be open on Sunday, and just Saturday for retaielrs making plans. "We love comics retailers[...]
BOOM! Brings Faithless, Power Rangers Exclusives to Diamond Retailer Summit
BOOM! Studios has announced its EX-X-XCLUSIVES for the Diamond Retailer Summit: a black and white Paul Pope variant for Faithless #1 and a Dan Mora variant for Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #20 If you're having trouble remembering which is which, the one without the lesbians making out in the shower is Power Rangers. BOOM will[...]
Image Comics Has Three Plans to Help Retailers – and More to Come
Corey Hart, Director of Sales at Image Comics has been talking to retailers about their current and upcoming promotions for Image titles. And they've got three of them. No Risk Number Ones Over the past few years, retailers have repeatedly told us that the market has become oversaturated and overwhelming—making it harder and harder for them to anticipate[...]