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Razer Logo
The company has launched a new system that will benefit players in Las Vegas and San Francisco as they can now order gear through their online shop, and then go pick it up at one of their two online retail locations What's more, the buy online and pick up in-store option will be rolling out[...]
Toys 'R' Us Announces Return With Two New Retail Stores
… Using b8ta's innovative experiential retail model, brands will showcase their products in an interactive, playground-like environment, creating an entirely new retail experience centered around product discovery and engagement.  Brands also will have the opportunity to design custom experiences and branded shops to help them create memorable experiences for parents and children[...]
Is Marvel Killing Readership On Their Own Titles?
Now Marvel will tell the retailers its up to them to stock up properly But are retailers to blame if books are missing on the shelves? Or is it Marvel's fault that they don't print enough that retailers can re-order books from Diamond that sell out (or at least make new printings)? Here is an alphabetical[...]
Tampa Bay's Emerald City Comics Celebrates 25 Years
A recent consolidation of their two locations into one central location has allowed them to open up a larger store than both of their previous locations, with more room for comics, collections, toys and merchandise of all sorts. Comic stores can come and go, so it is good to see one that is able to thrive[...]
LIVE! From The Baltimore Comic Con Retail Breakfast
Bright and early on the first day of the newly expanded 3 day Baltimore Comic Con, retailers turned out to hear about new announcements from publishers and new tools from Diamond. The presentations opened with Diamond online developments to aid retailers, similar to the presentation delivered at San Diego Comic Con featuring sell-sheet generators Launched 2[...]
Can ComiXology Create New Comics Readers?
Despite the fact that the on-line retailer has been less than transparent about its sales data, there can be little doubt that digital comics has become a growth industry over the past few years And that's a good thing. Let me begin my essay with praise for ComiXology and what it has done for comics in[...]